One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

Dear future boyfriend,

Where are you now and what’s taking you so long to find me? Well it’s not that I’m so eager to fall in love with you but don’t you think I’ve waited long enough? It’s been quite some time now and I’ve been waiting for you to come and surprise me with your overwhelming love. I am so thrilled thinking that soon enough, someone like you will come to my life and love me no matter what I am – what I was. You will love me so much that you would just find yourself in tears because of the overflowing love you have for me. And I would just be besieged with the happiness that I will feel because finally, you happened. I just miss how it feels like to be loved and cared for. I can hardly wait to meet you. Really.

Who are you? I wish I would know as early as now so that I could prepare myself, because I don’t think I can afford to have another failed relationship in the future. Oh no, not too soon. I just want to be ready because I want us to be right. I want to be the perfect girlfriend for you, sans telling me what to do. I want you to be the luckiest guy in this world for having me beside you all the time.

Are you my friend’s brother? The hot classmate of mine from my Literature class? The law student I’ve been crushing on since first year college? The handsome gay seatmate of mine? The guy from the cheering team I’ve been checking out since last year? My friend’s ex? My friend? Someone I know for so long? Or perhaps you're someone I haven't met yet? There are so many possible people I could think of and I can just go on and on with my list of probabilities. But sad to say, no matter how I try, it’s yet too early to tell who you really are.

I just want to let you know that no matter who you’ll be, once I feel that tangy feeling for you, I will try my best to keep you – whatever it’ll take. I must admit, I am never really good in relationships but I know that when the right person will come, there will be no such thing as “good” or “expert” in relationships anymore because I’ve learned that it’s never a one-way affair. Give and take, as they say. I am much more willing to learn this cycle with you soon.

In God’s time, I know I will meet you, become my friend, and eventually, fall in love with you, and this may sound like cheese curls, but I really hope we’ll live happily ever after. Hahaha. Too soon for me to say that, I know. Well you might think I’m some hopeless romantic girl writing a letter to someone she doesn’t even have any idea who, but what I want you to know is that when our perfect time comes, I will let you read this so that you will be aware that on this very day, I was hoping that somewhere along my life’s journey, I wished for someone like you to come along. I will also be reading this to myself again, so that every time I will see your face smiling back at me, I will be constantly reminded of a wish that was granted.

Come and find me now,
Your future girlfriend


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