Sugar Rush.

It's quite amazing how a dull picture can change a lot of things and feelings. Sadness could turn into happiness in a blink of an eye. Love could turn into loved in just a millisecond.

If you think it takes time, you might wanna think again. :-|

P.S. Whoever tried to search "Winsse Villanueva" using my search bar, sorry, but I don't know him/her.


They call it Family...

The Kamille Complex



...I call it Mine. :-)

McDo Commercial.

I bet you guys saw this commercial already. This has been the talk-of-the-town and the talk-of-the-blogosphere as well. This McDo ad brought me back a lot of memories when I was younger. Nostalgic, grabe. Hmmmm. It's not just about the video, but the soundtrack as well. I've always been a fan of EHeads and using "Ang Huling El Bimbo" for this ad is really a perfect choice. The whole concept is really rocking, you know. :-P

At kahit hindi rin naging kami sa huli, siya pa rin ang first love ko.
Awww! That is so sweet! First love will always be the first love.
Everyone can relate to this, right?

McDo commercials are the bombs! This one, particularly, made me kilig.

And oh, who could ever forget Lolo, Karen, and Gina [whoever she is]? :-D

Like Yeah, Roots.

Calling all ESTRADAs originally from Basilan, Zamboanga, Manila and wherever. FYI, we're having a reunion on April (holy week) here at Dumaguete City. This may sound funny but I just overheard my Lolo, Lola, and Titas talking about this the other day when some relatives came over to visit from Manila and Zamboanga. Haha. Well honestly, I'm kinda excited about this reunion since, I guess, this will be the first time for everyone to get together, and I think it's really sweet because it will be held here in Dumaguete, and everyone is flying over. This is going to be fun! :-D

Calling all VILLANUEVAs from around the world, were having a reunion on May 2009. Don't know the exact date, because I never seem to care about this reunion. The last time I attended a reunion of this side of the family, sorry, but I got bored. No offense meant. Some people chose who to mingle with, and I believe that is not what a reunion is all about, right? I think this is the problem if you have a really big big big family. But nonetheless, I am hoping for a better reunion this year. But oh well, who am I to complain? Tss.

Both sides of the family are having a reunion this summer - April and May.

Why is everybody coming up with a reunion? Hmmmm. Please don't tell me it's the end of the world. :-|

Now Pose.

I had a dream...

...and I know it will just remain a dream. :-(


J asked me through Y!M, "Describe your 2008 in one word".

Well, first of all, we're always like that. We ask each other these slum-bookish questions, and more often than not, we end up laughing our asses off and making funny (and not to mention, weird) faces on our web cams. We also compare our answers and try to criticize each other's point of view. It's fun, but it is indeed stupid, at some point.

2008, as I said, was a great year for me, generally. A lot has happened and I just couldn't simply describe the 12 months in one single word, but I honestly tried to squeeze in everything in a one-word-capsule. I tried to use the word HAPPY, but I think it's an understatement. Hmmmm. BLESSED. There. I got the right word to describe my 2008 -- BLESSED.

Don't ask why anymore. =)

Far Away.

I wish I had more time. =(


Mommy. Lolo Dad. Lols. Manong Popoy. Kyle. Ate Kim. Tita Yeen. Uncle Vinnie. Lolo Uncle. Auntie Weena. Auntie Mila. Lola-Lola. Tita O. Nikka. Papa.

Tita Wing. Piwiw. Timon. Choi. Mar. Pusoy. Bison. Bobbyrich. Marky.

Rizza Mae. Manil. Jhoey. Mak. Jude. Koya. Porpor. Doms. Vince. Manang. Piggy Bank. Smith.

Yana. En. Gail. Bam. Drei. Chino. Jupo. RJ. Chedette. Lher. Derick.

Sir Arpee. Yuimien. Beneno. Goma. gelloXP.

Lloyd. Allen. Jude. Wing. Ate Liza. Ate Beauty. David. Panda. Wynne. Chres. Daryl. Meliza. Desiree. Hanzel. Nixx. Ricky. Elaine. Jerome. Genesis. Dee-Jay. Rose. Sinclaire. Louie.

Jai. Giowoah. Mrs. Limjoco. Jake. Mara. Klara. JM. Winsse. Isabella. Erika.

Thank you for making my birthday extra special!

...and this will be updated...


Looking back on my 2008, I couldn't help but give myself a tap. I couldn't imagine anymore how I survived the 365 days of 2008. I had my ups and downs, and it was super chaotic, sure thing. But here I am, still whole, alive, and kicking.

I couldn't point out anymore the important things that happened last year, but I can surely point out the things that made me happy - the times when I felt that I was in the highest point of my life. I could clearly remember that those were the months of the last quarter of the year, and honestly, I still haven't gotten over with those things. I don't know if this is good or bad, but there are a lot of feelings and actions that I brought to 2009 which, I know, should be left behind.

But yeah, here I am now, as I said, whole, alive, and kicking.

Generally, 2008 was a great year for me.

I just don't know what to expect this 2009, because I am very much aware that I didn't start my year right. Thankstoyou.

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