What A Day For A Daydream.

Today's going to be a long day!

I am expecting Genesis to show up at our doorstep later at around 8AM. Then we'll be going down town and buy some stuff. Then at around 9AM, maybe attend Jhoey's graduation. Then at 10AM, off to the beach with high school classmates. Then after, go back down town and do the groceries. Can't we be more frenzied than that schedule?! Haha.

But nonetheless, I'm a bit [just a bit!] excited about our outing later. I'll be seeing some good friends that I've not seen for, like what, three years maybe? And what excites me more is that some of them have babies now. Whoa! Imagine the catching-up stories. Chikka galore. LOL. I once joked to a friend that maybe on our next outing, most of our classmates will be tagging along their little ones and their husband/wife, and maybe I, Genesis, and Daryl will still be stuck with each other because we remain single. It's not too impossible to happen, you know.

Remembering my high school days would give me some sort of goosebumps, but mostly, it's more on the 'mixed emotions' side. Oh, those fudged up high school days! I couldn't help but to giggle every time I remember each and every bloopers we had way back our Balagtukinz days. [Note: We used to call ourselves "Balagtukinz", which was a favorite expression of our wacky classmate, Christian Yecpot. "Balagtukinz" means "rats", in layman's term, by the way.]

I can still clearly recall when myself and Jezar were sanctioned by Ms. Salvador because we were seen strolling at the mall with our uniforms. You know how Catholic schools are. Haha. Everytime Ms. Salvador would pass by our classroom, we would hide behind the back door so she won't see us because we tried to let her forget our 'offense'. Those were the days.

I belonged to the HQ Company at our CAT. Most of the officers were from our section and it was very easy for me to pick on them simply because they were my friends. Haha. It was my favorite subject, but not until our Corps Commander, Mico, my classmate, asked me to dance "Sayaw Kikay" in front of the whole battalion, and he asked them to sing the song. [Note: I was fondly called by my classmates "Kikay", and until now, I am still "Kikay" to them.] I couldn't say "No" because it was an order and I will get demerits if I won't execute what he asked me to do. Wah. Talk about humiliation. And worse, I looked like shit that time because I forgot to bring along my combat boots, and so, I just wore my high-heeled school shoes with my CAT uniform. Imagine how funny it was to see a girl in fatigue and a beret in her high-heeled school shoes dancing "Sayaw Kikay". LOL. Those were the days.

And who would ever forget the day when Mr. Grovino asked the whole class to stand in the middle of the ballfield and sing "Baby It's You", which was Jojo's hit single that time, and was Jose Go's favorite song. Haha. The reason was, Jose Go kept on singing the song over and over again until it became the section's LSS. It was our vacant time then, we were all singing the song like craps and we became too noisy. So off we went to the ballfield, with Mr. Grovino's order, and had a little concert there while tanning ourselves. Those were the days.

Computer class was everyone's favorite. We had the most considerate teacher, Mr. Riconalla. Considerate to the extent that he wouldn't mind our classmate, Angelo Granaderos, play Druglord the whole time instead of doing our excel exercise, and we - Me, Daryl, Jezar, Genesis, Justin, Earl, Olivar, Mico, Allen, Chester, Franky - would just stay at the back, near the aircon, and just act as if we weren't in class. Mr. Riconalla wouldn't care, as long as we pass our columnar sheets. Haha. Those were the days.

When we have our so-called "vacant subject", where we weren't allowed to go out of the classroom, [I wonder why it was called "vacant subject"] We [together with our Discipline Chairperson, Jill, and Academic Chairperson, Nicole], would sneak out and go to the canteen and eat. Haha. [Note: Discipline Chairperson serves as the Vice-President and Academic Chairperson serves as the President of the class.] I also remember how Nicole asks us to keep quiet and how Jill would threaten us that she would write our names in the "misbehaving list", but actually she won't because she was talking with Nicole too. Haha. Those were the days.

Those were just few of our fun moments during fourth year. Believe me, there were more unbelievable things we did than those I mentioned. Haha. But seriously, who would ever forget each and every one of us?! Each one of us had different characteristics but shockingly, we jived well with each other. I remember posting this in our section's friendster account days after our graduation.


ms. tumbokon's: you better shape up!..
david's: hoy! naa nya ko chika nmu!
daryl's: sus ginoo!
jill's: ID nmu kamz?
nicole's: hoy, classmates! plz kip quiet!
g.la's: kabalo ba ka day noh?!
earl's: how come? / our lady of good wither, pray for us.
mico's: haaaysssh drop!
yecpot's: im yours nic!
tanya's: i luv OP!
mirjana's: houy.. plz get ur tardy slip!
kaye's: bali pud ka fritz!
fritz cale's: huy kaye.. bali ni xa oh..
justin's: yawa.. dalagan.. yawa!.. mga bataah!
olivar's: naa kay sinco?
badon's: kamz! asa akng libro?
jetri's: wala pa lgi tym!!!
edilson's: la koy answer!
llewe's: yo! classmates!..
jezar's: mag-CAT uniform ka karng hapon?
hope's: pila imng ipa-chit?
chester's: huy.. kikay!..
granny's: ...........*SILENCE*.............

i will miss everybody gyud!..

no matter wat happens, olweiz remember
to live your life the "BALAGTUKINZ way!!!"


See how mushy and corny people can be during high school?! LOL. Those were the FUN days!

We were the best section then [well, at least for us]. We were a total mix of smart, preppy, nerdy, geeky, loud, quiet, good, terrible [and all the other adjectives you may think of] people. We had this so-called "support system" way back then. We would boost one another no matter what the consequences are. Whatever it may take, we would never let anyone of our classmates feel left-behind. We were all as one. If I didn't belong in that class or maybe one of us didn't, then maybe it wouldn't be as fun as it was. And maybe, I wouldn't meet my friends-for-life Daryl and Genesis.

And oh, enough of the drama [*sniff*sniff*], back to the outing topic.

[Clears throat..]

Though most classmates cannot attend because of some more important things to do, I bet it's still going to be fun. No, I take that back. Uhm, let's just hope that it's going to be fun. Haha. It's never the same when we're not complete. And all together now... NEVER!

Counting Sheep.

I'm a bit worried about my sleeping time. You see, I wake up at 2 in the afternoon and sleep at 7 in the morning. This isn't good at all. Well unless I work under night-shift at a call center or somewhere else, right? The problem is, even if I try to sleep early, my brain and my eyes aren't cooperating. I have been like this for quite a while now and seriously, I am not happy being a nocturnal! It isn't helping me at all. I become useless during daytime and I don't do anything during nighttime, except to surf the world wide web. In short: it's not helping me to have a healthy lifestyle. Haha! [As if.]

And what's freaking me out is that I barely have two more weeks until school starts and I don't go to a school where night classes are offered. I'm bothered because I might have classes scheduled early in the mornig, and I mean as early as 7AM! Hello?! I sleep at 7 in the morning, I repeat. Wah! I don't want to come to a point where I can hardly adjust my sleeping time anymore! Gah. So whether I like it or not, I have to sleep early so I can wake up early. I guess Brainy has to cooperate this time whether she likes it or not. Then Eyes will follow, right? You do not have a choice, systems! Let me sleeeeeeeeeeeep! I need a good one.

FYI: Time check, 5:38 AM, and I'm not sleepy yet. Not even a bit!

Proud Filipina.

So this is the picture I was talking about in my "Hoy, Pinay Ako!" entry.

If you guys wanna join this project of Angelo Aquino, please go and visit his site.

There are approximately 550 of us now, and counting!

Come on! Let the whole world know how proud you are of being a Filipino.

* I feel not-so-good because as I post this picture, I realized that I haven't posted the Dolphin-slash-Sandbar pictures that I first promised. *

On Tonight's PBB.

I've been ranting over Robi Domingo's nomination.

The teens who were lucky enough to get inside the PBB house had their own motivations and purposes when they first auditioned for PBB. Mostly for money, others for experience, and some, for exposure which may lead them to a career in showbizness. They all entered the house because they wanted to prove something not only to the Filipinos, but to their selves as well. And I am pretty sure that Robi Domingo didn't enter the house because he is craving for the million. He wants to prove something, for sure.

How shallow is that when every time he gets nominated, the reason is: "He doesn't need the money because he's rich." Tss. Who said that he needs the prizes so badly, in the first place? I pity Robi Domingo because he has been a very nice housemate since the PBB Teen Edition Plus started. Don't you guys think it's utterly unfair to him because he gets nominated simply because his family is well off and his parents can afford to send him to Ateneo? Come on.

Pinoy Big Brother has a tagline of "ang teleserye ng totoong buhay". If I were to add or change it, I'd rather suggest "ang teleserye ng totoong buhay ng mga totoong tao". The housemates could have been more honest to their selves if they said that the reason why they nominated Robi Domingo is because he is a threat. Then maybe I would understand them better.

Hoi, Pinay Ako!

I was was doing my blogrounds and I found myself at Gerald's, my bloggerbro, site. His latest post got my attention. It was something unusual. I mean, I knew there was something special on that post the moment I saw the picture.

So I started reading, and saw a link of someone named Angelo Aquino. CLICK.

And the moment Aquino's site finished loading, I dropped my mouth. Literally. It was very heartwarming. Seeing his efforts in editing those pictures just to build up a community of proud Filipinos moved me. Let's face it, most of the youngsters nowadays would rather choose to edit their friendster profile than to do what Aquino has done.

It's too much of a hassle, other people might think. But if we look at Aquino's project on the deeper side, it isn't just about a mere join-my-club-and-I'll-edit-your-photo thing, it's more than that. Aquino wants to prove something, for sure. And I am just so glad that someone like him has started a project something like that.

I submitted my picture early this evening, and let's just see if Aquino thinks I am worth to be called a "Proud Filipina". I am super excited to join Aquino on his project. I'll post the picture, if ever.

If you wanna know more about what I'm talking here, visit Aquino's site. =)
* In photo, Angelo Aquino. Photo borrowed from Aquino's site. *

On American Idol.

David Cook wasn't really my bet when AI started.

I liked Jason Yeager at first, but when he left the competition, Jason Castro became my bet. Though I know Castro will not win the competition but still, I love him! Haha. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't get mesmerized with his eyes? But on voice matters, I admit his vocals aren't the bomb like Cook's. But still, I loathed Cook because there was something in him that I didn't like. But who cares? I can not even vote for my favorites.

When Cook sang his own rendition of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby", then that was the time I started liking him. I mean, it was when I realized that he could possibly win the competition despite of the people who were going crazy over David Archuleta's charisma. Talent-wise, I must say Cook is the bomb.

When they were narrowed down to the two Davids [Archuleta and Cook], I knew Cook will win the competition. He deserve to win. Simon Cowell was right, if AI remains to be a talent competition rather than a popularity contest, David Cook might win.

And true enough, he did! David Cook is the new American Idol.

Off to Bais.

I'll try to make this very quick!

We're off to go Dolphin Watching in a few minutes. I haven't slept yet and I'm not sleeping anytime today. K's friends from Cebu are in town and our schedule has been very hectic [Naks!] since the girls arrived. It's going to be their last day here in Dumaguete tomorrow because they will be leaving for Cebu on Thursday because of some school matters. So we're all saving the best for last!

I'm super excited to go Dolphin Watching. I'm going to share my experience when we get back. And hopefully, post pictures too!

Time check: 5:02 AM
ETD: 5:45 AM

*** Sometimes, the things that are left unnoticed are the real ones.. ***

Time Can Never Mend.

So instead of hitting the gym yesterday, K, G, and myself opted to drop the gym schedule and rather, grab some Chimachanggas from Memento that myself and G have been drooling for since the other day. Ugh. Imagine the feeling we had from our first bite. It was heaven!

Anyway, how's your summer, everyone? Mine's the BOMB! You see, I had the chance to go to a lot of places. Not only in the PI but around the world. The Europe trip was the best. Nothing beats. And the Japan expedition too. Having sushi, sashimi, and authentic terriyakis for my everyday meal? Ugh. It's just great you know. And not to mention the techie stuff I got this summer! My all-time dream - the iMac, new phones - Nokia N95 [from Pop] and iPhone [from Mom], a new iPod Touch, and of course, a new cam - Canon SLR 400D. And to make my summer the ultimate one, Mom got me a new ride - a Toyota black Fortuner. This is my best summer ever!

Okay. So I'm talking shit here. Haha. Well everything is the exact opposite okay? My summer sucks. Swear. It's the most boring shit ever. I've been a total bum since summer started, and that's the main reason why I can't wait for school to start again.

But, I still have the Kawasan Adventure to look forward to.

At least.

Okay, I suck.


Happu Birthdu.
Mishoo hoe.

Haha. You're not going to read this anyway. I know.

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