On Sunblocks.

AFTER! Excuse my face here. Haha;)

I swear to God I will invest on a more trusted brand of sunblock next time. I don't know what has gotten into me during this trip that I bought a really cheap sunblock for myself and what's worse, I had the kindness to share them to my friends. Ayun tuloy, we all had a really really bad burn. Tsk tsk.

Right after my Siquijor trip. Cebu Blog Camp 2011 with Mica. Ako na ang negra! #mealready

I should've known better. My derma has been telling me to take care of my skin, especially my face, because I have tiena versicolor, a dermotoligical disorder. This condition is fairly common and is caused by the fungus pityrosporum ovale (a type of yeast occurring on the skin). Extreme heat causes this disorder to the skin. In short, hindi ako pwede magbabad sa init pero matigas ang ulo ko. #meronbangmalambotnaulo?

Well in the picture above, it isn't very obvious yet but after a day or two, a few white spots started to appear on my face and before I knew it, I have it in my arms too!  Sobrang bilis kumalat ng pesteng fungus na 'to. I have to go back to step 1 again do all the face rituals I used to do before.

Hindi naman talaga ako maputi naturally pero sobrang itim ko lang talaga ngayon. This picture was taken with M, right before the Siqui trip. Please compare with the photo above. 

So guys, please please please don't jeopardize your skin's health by buying the right sunblock for your skin type. Oh well. Lesson learned!

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@Pinoy Blabbermouth: Ulol.

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