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Hi, I'm Kamille (read as |kuh-meel|). Because of my awesome parents, I have different names on my birth and baptismal certs. I go by the nicks Kai, Kaakaams, Keekai, Kems, Diyosa, Sexybitch, and I'm from the City of Gentle Giants People. Meaty on the outside, smexy (smokin' sexy) on the inside. HAHA:)

I am 20something years old and the whole world celebrates with me on my birthday. Awww, you really don't have to guys!:) I grew up in a family of political leaders but I know nothing about the chaos world of politics. I am an only-child, but I have four wicked siblings. I went to St. Paul University Dumaguete and Silliman University and took up a course I dare not to mention.

I am half Filipino, half Netizen because most of my time are spent Blogging, Facebook-ing, Youtube-ing, Plurking, Twitter-ing, and sometimes, I just catch myself staring at the homepage of my browser. I started blogging craps and bulls when I was in high school because my life was so lame back then, no one was interested to listen to what I've been doing. So I had this genius idea of publishing my diary in the internatz. But still, no one read my blog. Lulz.

Fast forwad to today, I still blog craps and bulls but I get a few hits every now and then. I am not a professional blogger and I don't claim to be one. The only blogging conference I ever attended was the WordCamp 2008 and jeez, I learned a lot. It honestly strengthened my eagerness to blog. In blogging, I get to meet a lot of uh-moy-zing bloggers from around the world and I learn a lot of things from them -- things that I don't usually learn in the classroom or things that aren't taught by the people around me.

When I was in grade 2, I wanted to become a nurse. When I was in grade 6, I wanted to be a ninja. In highschool, I wanted to kick my teacher's ass for giving me a low grade in Math. In college, I wanted to go back to highschool. Right now, I want to become a photographer but I don't have an effin' camera.

I am a spoiled bratt who doesn't get what I want. And right now, I friggin' want a DSLR!

My life is complicated, spontaneous, and random.



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