Because Change Is The Only Constant Thing In This World.

Why CHANGE when everything seems so fine and dandy and perfect and swell? Why change when you could not ask for anything more? Why change when you’re so used to what you have? Why change when everyone else is still the same?

Because change is what makes us feel most alive.

I think I have lived a fair part of my almost-21 years with change, not because I strive for it but because it is inevitable, powerful and inescapable.

But change can also start with you, a conscious effort and an initiative.

I’ve made a few major changes in my life these past few days and few minor "adjustments". I know I’ll never be the same person. And I do regret doing most not because they’re bad and unjust but because I would not forgive myself if I allowed those instance to pass. My decisions are not products of hasty discernment, mind you. I have really weighed them and careful thought about all of them. I must admit they are not the best but they are without a doubt the most proper and most fitting and most righteous choices I think I have ever made, or so I thought.

Sadly, I think I have lost close relationships.

I wish tomorrow I wake up with no regrets.


Do you know what hurts the most? Letting go of people who have earned your trust and those you have learned to love only to realize almost too late that you don’t mean as much.

Way way dramatic. I must say, right now I don’t give a damn if I sound like some poor idiot who feels so sorry for herself and so self-pitying. Whatever you may infer from this entry, be my guest.

I just want to take this chance to take a step forward leaving behind things, thoughts and people who make me feel least ALIVE.

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