Happy Birthday.

"How old na ka today?"
"Hmmm. How long have you been seventeen?"
"For a while."

Hahahah! Ulol ka. :D

Christmas Tradition 2008.

It's the time of the year when our family continues the tradition we've been doing since my mom and her sisters were still kids. I also blogged about last year's tradition event HERE. So yeah, just read it up. :)

This year, it rained so hard, thus we had to do the activity inside the old office (which is now a bodega). We were afraid that the kids won't show up because of the non-stop rain that day, but thank God, they did! We didn't do the usual games (sack race, tag-o-war, trip to jerusalem) anymore due to the lack of space, but we replaced them with "hep-hep hooray!", singing contest, etc. We were used to have the whole event in the grounds and we didn't anticipate the rain. Though we were making siksikan inside the old office, it was still helluva FUN!

The kids

This year is also special because our friends joined us!

The loot bags

Hep hep hooray!

The kids having so much fun!

Fujiko, the cutest kid who attended the event :)

See you all again next year, kids!
Have a merry christmas! ♥


Four days from now, it's going to be Christmas Day and since Christmas is all about love, forgiveness, and giving, I just made friends with the person who used to be my barkada-turned-mortal-enemy. I hope I'm making some sense here, but yeah, I already set aside whatever pride I had just to finally put an end to whatever issues we had. I'm trying to make everything right this Christmas season. I'm taking the baby steps this time. Slowly but surely.

I know I can do this one by one. There's actually no need to rush, but I realized that I'm running out of time. It might be just too late for me to patch things up between whoever. I couldn't take it anymore if ever the situation will get worse.

I said sorry, but I didn't think any explanations were necessary. Yes, I waved the white flag already. That doesn't mean that we could be friends again, but it doesn't mean we're still enemies, right? Neither friends, nor enemies. I just don't know what to call this, but I like it better this way.

So I just started with Ching. Who's next?

Another Open Letter.

Dear ****,

Hi. Hello. I know you're not expecting this. I chose this most difficult and hi-tech medium in writing this open letter just because I know you'll never get to read this. Never.

There are a lot of things I want to let you know, really. But something deep inside me is telling me that I shouldn't take the risk of speaking out for myself because things will only get worse. I've seen scenes just like this, and I tell you, it didn't do any good. I could honestly say that I've learned from my experiences already and it just sucks knowing that here I am again, back to the starting line, and wishing I could just make a short cut to the finish line. But sometimes, I just think I'm running on an infinite open track. It has always been like this. Always.

It isn't at all time that I will be tolerating this and just let each day pass without you realizing that I could get tired with this and that it is now your turn to move and do the impossible - to, at least, make an effort. We know I already took my chances, and now, it's your time to show me what you got. It's going to be now or never, you know.

When I get to read this again one day, I wish I could just extend a smile on my face and hopefully remember this moment. A moment where I could tell myself that at least, I tried. And on that day, I'd never wonder what this whole thing could have been, because I could swear that I made my fair share to keep the bond. I fought  for this.

If maybe, just maybe, you'll stumble upon this letter one day, all I could wish for is that you would tell yourself that you were such an idiot for taking things for granted, and that you lost without even fighting for it.

We'll talk soon, okay? :-(


I feel terrible today. I have dysmenorrhea and the pain made me skip my classes for the day. But what made me feel more terrible is that no one would believe how severe this whole thing felt. Well, on second thoughts, maybe it's because I expected too much from my own tree.

Broken na gani, wala pa gyuy trust. That's why this tree will remain broken forever.

You're It.

I was asked, "What childhood game you like the most?".

When I was a kid, I remember my Mom would often tell me that running, biking outside the house, playing with soil, and things alike, are NO-NOs. I just felt so deprived, while every child in the neighborhood is having the time of his/her life dancing under the rain. I sure had a bike, like every kid had, but I felt so pathetic because I'm not allowed to go biking outside the house. My only track and field was our sala.

The time I started playing lupa-langit and tayokok was when I started my elementary. But later, I just gave up on those games because I wasn't so good at it. It came to a point that I just realized that maybe it wasn't really my thing. And besides, I wasn't able to practice when I was younger. I had no experience in playing those kind of games. Let's put it this way, my classmates were already "professionals" while I was still a "beginner".

But there's this game that's really close to my heart. God, I couldn't remember the last time I played hide and seek or tagu-an anymore. I know I'm too old for that game, but if I were given a chance, I'd give up anything just to hear someone say to me, "Hey, I found you", again. :-(

To Wait Is A Virtue.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of us spend all our lives waiting, right? Waiting for the right moment to express our feelings. Waiting for the perfect time to confront. Waiting for signs. Waiting for someone to come. Waiting to be asked. Waiting for the right moment to break a news to someone. Waiting for something. And sometimes, we even wait for just nothing.

No matter how hard we try, more often than not, the only option we've got is just to wait. But that's how life gets exciting. We wait, not knowing what the whole thing would take, not knowing for how long, and not knowing whether the backwash would be inclinely favored to us. We just wait, because we let fate surprise us. But come to think of it, it's really stupid to wait for something, and you know in the first place that it will never come, right? :-(

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