Valentine's Day 2010.

When love is not madness, it is not love.

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! I'm sick and stuck in my room since the 11th. Can't go out, can't drink anymore (boohoo!), and Doc's putting me on a diet. I hope I will survive this -- the diet, that is. Lulzzz. So anyway, I thought I should post an entry about love or something like it, since it is Valentine's day today, but nah, I changed my mind. Rather, I wanna write someone a letter and she'll be reading this next V-day - February 14, 2011, since that someone is missing this year's V-day.

Dear K,

By this time, you're probably getting ready for a dinner with maybe your family or your special someone. I'd like to choose the latter, 'cause that would be exciting, don't you think? Considering that you've never spent this special day with... ehem. You know what I mean. I'm guessing you'll be receiving some chocolates and a bunch of white roses later. White, because you always thought that they're simple and elegant than those of the red ones which, as you said, looks bloody. And perhaps, Ferrero Rocher for the chocolates? I know, I know. Your favorites are Twix and Butterfinger, but come on, it's Valentine's anyway.It's about time you receive some decent Valentine chocolates.

Today, I'd like to believe you've already lost some pounds so that you could wear the black kinky dress you saw from Kamiseta. I remember you gave that dress a someday-i'll-fucking-wear-you look, and I just think that today is the best time to wear it. And oh, by the way, wear that red high heels you got from Alberto. It'd look good with the black dress.

He's probably taking you to this new resto along the boulevard and you guys will be having some fine dining. Maybe some caviar and fois gras would just be awesome for tonight. And for desert, perhaps crema de tropicale? Gawd, I'm salivating right now. Then after he pays the bill (of course, that's given already -- HE pays), you guys would chill somewhere not too noisy and crowded. You know, just talk and enjoy each others company, then maybe take you home at around past midnight.

But knowing the simple girl that you are, that is not your kind of a Valentine's day. You'd probably just hang out with your friends and get boozed, because you never want to spend your V-day with some formality, right? I don't know what the hell is wrong with you, but it seems that it's just your way of the so-called defense mechanism. But blah, whatever. I hope you've grown up already by this time, and maybe realize that not everyone takes advantage of you. You're too paranoid. Lulzzz.

When you get to read this, don't forget to write me back and tell me how great your Valentine's 2011 was.


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