My Last Dance Tonight.

Here are a few snapshots from the Christmas Party here at home last December 24. =)

I wasn't really that visible to the camera last Christmas eve. So sohoreeeh for the limited pictures I have. Haha. After opening my gifts, I went to my cousins' house and celebrated Christmas with them too. I slept there that night and went home on the 25th, noon time. =)

♪♪♪ Flames to dust, lovers to friends.. Why do all good things come to an end.. ♪♪♪

Seasons Are Changing.

Every Christmas season, we ask the kids at the hacienda to gather outside our house. We (me and my cousins) organize games, singing contest, boxing, etc. and it's hella FUN! Then we also give away loot bags full of candies. =) The smiles I see from the kids are priceless! And making them smile, specially during holidays, could be the best gift I could ever receive! Well.. Uhmmm.. Except for an iMac, though. Haha.

Keeping up the tradition our family has been doing since I-don't-know-when. =)

♪♪♪ We got that you-hang-up-no-you-hang-up
kind of love..

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm.

Obsessed? Haha. Blog ko 'toh, so shatap! Apir nalang ta.


Oh anyway, I already placed a link to this blog in my old blog. So Moi, you will no longer be my 'one-and-only reader' anytime soon. And that's if and only if, my cyberfriends would be kind enough to visit me here. *wink*

Okay, I'll update soon! It's Christmas Season! I hate it. Gotta go now! Busy-busyhan. Haha!

♪♪♪ Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there... ♪♪♪

Now, Make A Move.

Time check: 2:18AM. =) No plans of sleeping. Insomiac. Shoot me. Haha.

Oh well, I'm sticking my head in my laptop until sunrise. I have a stupid class later at 9 and if I sleep now, I know I wouldn't be able to wake up before 9, so I might as well not sleep. Haha. Pakshet ka, *teacher*! I'm not yet done with you. *Evil grin*

Anyways, Miguela (the girl I was talking about in my previous post) is here at home na. Gen, Nikka, and I fetched her in St. Paul this afternoon. She's nice and friendly. And not to mention, she is pretty. Haha. =)

By the way, I watched Gossip Girl episode 11 a while ago with Kyle. Wooohooo! The ending was shocking and hanging, of course. I can't wait until episode 12 - which will be aired on January 2 pa! Pakshet. But I'll patiently wait for you, Archibald. Haha. Nate didn't appear in episode 11. Grrrh!


Christmas is coming! Pakshet. Another cold one for me. I hope Gen will come over on the 24th. She said she'll ask permission daw from her parents and I just hope they will allow her. =)

I'm reading Dar's 'abandoned' xanga site right now. Gawd, I don't think she's aware that I'm reading her site. I'm not even sure if she knows that I know her xanga. Haha. Labo. Anyhoo, I'm having fun reading her entries. Good old days. Haaay! I miss my 'old' friends. What ever happened to 'The Fatties'... I think the memories we shared will be treasured. I know I can't bring us all back together, so thanks for the mem'ries. Haha. Whatevah. Lol.

But honestly, I miss Ching. I miss them. I miss before. I miss SB. Pakshet. Ice-cold Redhorse is never the same without you guys! Amf. =(

Hoi. Diana F. Leonor! Hapberdi. Haha. Love you, Biatch!

♪♪♪ Sometimes you don't expect that friends can become lovers in the end...
Only God knows what the future will bring

Yes? No. Yes!

Me and friends went to this cozy place somewhere in Dumaguete. Drank a few bottles of beer and then... they cried! Mga lovelife man gud. Haha. Tss. Here are some snapshots from Yana's cam. It was fun! Yeh. I couldn't even remember how I went home. =)

Oh well. I don't have classes tomorrow again. Yehey! But on Friday, I still have one more class and it sucks! Haha. Go to hell, *teacher*! How dare you hold classes on Friday when all teachers are not holding classes anymore on that day?! Kupal ka. Haha.

I will be going to St. Paul tomorrow to pick-up a 'family-friend' whom I've never met. Don't you think it would be too awkward? I don't know her, she doesn't know me. Haha. Anyway, she's a dorm-intern and I have to pick her up there because she will be spending her holiday season here in the house. Weird?! Okay, the story goes this way. My Tita who lives in the states came back a couple on months ago and she brought along with her her niece. They were suppose to settle here but after a few months, my Tita couldn't stand PI any longer so she decided to go back to the States. But the girl was already enrolled in St. Paul. So she had to stay in the dorm since she will be all alone here in PI. Gets? Haha. Basta, she has no choice but to spend Christmas and New Year with us, unless she wants to spend it with the weird nuns in St. Paul. Haha. =)

Anyhoo, I can't wait to watch Gossip Girl tomorrow. Come one tudou! Upload na. Go go go! Haha. Far out.

About the reunion crap, it's not going to happen anymore! *Evil grin* Let's just say, the organizer sucks. LOL!

Okay, adieu for now. I still have to handle A's burning ass. He's weird lately. Haha. =)

♪♪♪ This is just a half life...
Without you I am breaking down...


ALIEN here.

Laugh out loud people! I edited it using Photoshop. I was bored, okay! I had no classes today.

Right after I posted my last post, I received a text from a classmate in Accounting. She said that our teacher moved the exams to Wednesday. GREAT. So that means, tomorrow. Go to hell, Accounting.

Anyhoo, I slept for almost forever! Haha. I slept at about 6 in the evening last night and woke up at 4 in the morning. Then I slept again and woke up at 10:30 this morning. See? I also hibernate. Haha. Labo. =)

Mom arrived this afternoon together with some family-friends from Australia. They met up with Mom in Cebu. And now... they're here! Haha. We'll be having dinner outside later. =)

Okay, I have to go now. Need to bathe! Dinner at 7. Time check: 6:40. Haha. Kill me. =)

♪♪♪ And if I lived a thousand years you know Id never could explain the way I lost my heart to you that day... ♪♪♪


Fartwork here..

Look what I've done out of boredom! Haha. Kewl. I never knew I had 'drawing' talents like this just until this morning. Feelur. Okay, seriously, I am just amazed with this piece of crap. I couldn't help myself and I just have to post it here. Haha. =) Babaw me. Wawa.

Anyhoo, I have an Accounting test again tomorrow and for sure, brain-bleed! Haha. Some of my classmates are going to have a 'group study' later at Jecca's place but I'm not sure if I can go. I'll see later. I need to get some sleep first! By the way, my assignment today in Accounting scored 234 (or something) out of 365. Pakshet. I need to pass this subject, because I need to pass all my subjects this semester with high grades! Come on. I'm just trying to prove something, you kner. Haha. =)

Nikka's friends are here in the house right now. They have no classes because today and tomorrow's their Periodical Exams. They're doing a scrapbook project. WHAT A CRAP?! They're supposed to study at this moment.

Oh high school life! I remember how our teachers before in high school tasks us to do a project before the PT week and it is to be passed on or before the PT week! WTF?! I can't imagine how I was able to manage. And speaking of! It reminds me again about the upcoming reunion. Haha. Another crap. As of now, I'm not going. The 'Six Point Five' people will have our year-end outing on the 21st too. But we'll see. Make me change my mind, HS friendies. Haha.

Amf. Major subjects are not going to hold classes na this week. This afternoon was the last one. Yipee! So that means, I have no classes on TTh (wholeday) and WF (afternoon). Haha. I'm almost free from you, SCHOOL!

♪♪♪ Sana ngayong pasko ay maalala mo pa rin ako.. Hinahanap-hanap pag-ibig mo.. ♪♪♪

Wishlist. I Wish!

Manang Belle just called. She found the software I wanted. But it doesn't work with Windows OS! It only works with MAC. Pakshet. It was one of the three things I wanted this Christmas and for my birthday too. I'm so so so SAD! ='(

My Wishlist

Final Cut Studio 2 Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro
iPhone or Nokia N76
Canon EOS 400D or Powershot A650 IS

And that's my revised Wishlist for this holiday season! This is the most expensive Wishlist I've had, so far. That's why it's called "Wishlist". I wish! Haha. Labo. =)


What the hell happened to you, GLOBE?! You suck today. Since this afternoon, every time I open my browser, it says “Network Error”, but my Y!M is okay. So I chatted instead - thinking that everything will be back to normal in a few minutes. I’ve waited for like 5 hours already and still, the browser says “Network Error”. I was chatting with Piw and I asked him if he’s experiencing the same problem (since we are both using Globe Broadband) and he said that his connection is fine but it also happened to him the other day. Globe is fixing something daw. Gawd! I’ve been waiting for 9 hours already. Bring my connection back, Globe! I need it!

And just this afternoon too, a friend texted me – informing me that Globe has ended their unlimited text promo, and that we (Globe subscribers) can only register to ‘unlimited texting daylite’. Well honestly, I wasn’t that affected because I do not register to that ‘unlimited text promo’ crap, but I know a lot of people who are deeply affected with the sudden changes Globe has made with their ‘unlimited texting services’.

What the hell happened to “Making great things possible”, Globe? False advertising! You can not even make small things possible. This is strike two na. Remember before? With out prior notice, you increased your ‘unlimited text’ rates more than twice the original amount. Wais ka Globe! You’re just so lucky a lot of people are still patronizing your ‘bulok’ service. As if we have a choice! Changing from one network to the other is not that easy, so Globe subscribers have no choice but to comprehend.

And if I have no internet connection until now, then how am I suppose to post? Haha. Thanks to SMART! It’s truly “Simply Amazing”. I’m using A’s phone. Bleh! :p

Shake It. Just Do It.

Fuck this day. Fuck, Ms. S. Know your limitations! You do not have the right to make your students your assistant. You should have asked first if we wanted to do it. Whatever. You have the power because you're the teacher and we are only your students. Blah blah blah. Pakshet.

Another pakshet: I went to the effing Christmas party of our department. And sorry to say, but it was lame! I knew it in the first place that it would be LAME, that's why I wasn't going supposedly. But I still went because I tried not to be a KJ. I went home right away after.

Reunion crap: Cole texted me and asked me if I could help her organize our 4th year high school class reunion. I declined because I don't want to be a part of the planning team because... I just don't like. I have a lot of better things to do than to plan a reunion for people I often see. Haha. It will be on December 21 at Earl Dwight's place. Can you keep a secret? I don't have plans of going. =)

AUSTRALIA '08: Come on. I'm friggin' excited! =) Can't wait to see a real kangga! Haha. Ignorant me.

Mom's leaving tomorrow na, and I still don't know when she'll be back. Ehem. PASALUBONG, Mom. I want a new laptop. Haha. Labo. =)

♪♪♪ I feel the chill insayayd... ♪♪♪

Today Is Gonna Be The Day.

Keep on reading, Moi. Haha. My one and only reader, so far. You are the best. I have no idea how you discovered this blog. You are a genius! But as for the moment, this will be our secret, okay? You know why... =) Apir!

Today is another 'normal' day. Great! Went to school at 10 to meet up with Gail, then went to a printing shop to print the invitation cards then I went home after. Did some finishing touches with the invitation cards. Gen helped me in tying the ribbons, then Rizza came over to pick them up. Had lunch then off to school. Major class starts at 1PM but I arrived 1:30PM. Haha. I'm just so lucky my professor is considerate. Our class is suppose to end at 4PM but we were done at about 2:45PM, so I studied for my Public Speaking exam (at 4PM) instead.

A few minutes before 4, I went up to the Speech Lab and there, I found my classmates starting to answer the exam. Pakshet! I sat beside Chino, who was sitting on my place, and started to answer the exam as well. Whoa! Another brain-racking exam. I never thought it would turn out to be that hard. But it was cool. I was able to answer everything, in fairness. I'm just not sure whether I answered them correctly. =)

I went to the CC after to meet up Gail and Neel supposedly, but their class ended earlier than the scheduled time so I went home instead.

Ate snacks then went to sleep. Haha! What a very healthy thing to do. =) I just woke up now. So here I am, blogging! Woohoo!

F*ck tomorrow. We won't be having our Accounting class at 10-12 but I have my class for Stat at 9 so I still have to go to school tomorrow morning. Grrrh!

Christmas Party
Dammet! As of now, I don't have plans of going! Period. Genesis is hosting.

Australia trip
Come on, God. 1 million. Haha. =)

Gossip Girl
Can't wait till next week! I love you, tudou!

My third blog
LONELY. That's it. Lol.

My birthday

MC Donalds? Fuck Donalds.

I would just like to share this. I went to McDo last week because... Duh! No need for further explanations! I just got freaking hungry! That's it! Haha. Thank you, to whoever started all these fastfood chains. Fastfood is the best, most especially when we get so hungry that we can not afford to wait any longer. =) So picture out the scene, okay? Then tell me if burning down McDonalds is not a good idea. Ack!

Girl: Good afternoon, Ma'am. Welcome to McDo. May I take your order please?
Me: (Since she was speaking in English... Hmmmm) One chicken nuggets please. Large fries. Coke float. McFlurry, oreo. Then one apple pie too.
Girl: One apple pie or two?
Me: One.
Girl: (Murmuring...) I thought you said 'two'..
Me:I said 'too', not 'two'. Ugh! Whatever.
Girl: Would you like barbeque for your sauce, Ma'am? Or sweet and sour?
Me: Barbeque.
Girl: Ay, barbeque is not available, Ma'am.
Me: Cancel the chicken nuggets. I'll have double cheeseburger instead.
Girl: Okay. What else, Ma'am?
Me:That would be all.
Girl: Ay, MacFlurry is not available Ma'am. No ice cream products available.
Me:Ok. Then cancel it.
Girl: Coke float is not also available.
Me: Large Sprite.

Fix your branch, McDonalds Dumaguete! If I were to rate you generally, I'd give your branch 4 stars out of 10. I don't even think your branch deserves a 'star'. =) O cge, 3 claps out of 10 nalang. Haha! Labo. But seriously, I hope this won't happen again next time. Okay? It's not so cool, specially when your customers are super hungry! And please, tell your ladies to wear light make-up!

And another thing, the other time I ate there, there was a whole family (extended family included!) who brought their laptop with them -- obviously went there to avail the free internet WiFi connection. They were talking to someone over the net and take note, they weren't even using headphones. The speakers were turned on so loud and it was enough for the whole McDo to hear their conversation. Hello?! People of McDo, you should've done something about it. You could've asked them to turn down the volume of their speakers just a little because they weren't the only customers around!


At this very moment, all I want to do is to sleep! I haven't slept yet since last night because I studied for my Accounting exam the whole time and then went to school at 9:30 since the test starts at 10. Gawd! The test was the most horrifying exam I had so far! I couldn't believe how hard it was for me to make a trial balance and to complete a 10-column journal. I studied the whole night. But still, I knew there was something wrong with my answers, and I just couldn't point it out. ='(

I took the test for approximately 2 hours. We all didn't have the time to finish the test. I wish we had more time for answering it.

As usual, after the test, I had lunch with my buddies -- Gail, Bam, and Neel.

I typed this last night and shockingly, I fell asleep! Haha. I was soooo exhausted! Forgive me. I wasn't even able to finish doing the whole post. Labo. =)


I have an Accounting chapter test tomorrow and here I am, blogging. I just don't understand why I'm so lazy to study lately, and all I want to do is either to sleep or to sweep the net. This is not good, I know. Bad signs! Tsk Tsk. But I'm trying to change my sleeping habits now. It's going to be now or never! εїз

I'm Y!M-ing with shoM right now and he never fails to make me laugh! Super. He is the funniest creature on earth! Even his little hirits are the best! I so love that gay whore.

My third blog is so lonely. I don't get to update it anymore as often like before. ='( I don't know. I don't think I should update it anymore. I just found out that someone has been reading it since day 1 of that blog. Hmp. That's why as much as I want to put links in this blog and ask my cyberbuddies to link this blog, I just can't. Not yet now, though. I'm still enjoying the 'loneliness' of this blog. ஐ

I enjoy being lonely lately. Weird. Super! But it's cool. I like the feeling of being alone - that I have no one to talk to seriously. That my mobile is not beeping every now and then. No upcoming events with friends. Thank GOD! I just realized how I wanted this - to be ALONE! Because in the first place, I was ALONE all along. Haha. Labo.

This post is very random. I sound so bitter. :-)

Birthday - Coming Soon. Alone.

I can't help it -- my 19th birthday is coming. As much as I don't want to talk about it, or even think about it, people are asking me about my plans. I don't want to celebrate. There! I just said it.

Because in the first place, my birthday is just my birthday. It's not something to be celebrated. I just want to be with my friends - not even my family - just like last year. Last year was a bomb! It was the best birthday I had, so far. I technically celebrated it at Piw's place with some friends. Words were not enough for me to explain what I was feeling that time. I was like a child who was given a birthday party at some Party House with a mascot. LOL! And yes, it was more fun than my 2006 birthday at Antonio's in Tagaytay and the Makati Avenue Year End sh*t. See? I am shallow!

Oh well, I still do not know what to do exactly on my birthday. Maybe you'll find me in my room, SLEEPING all day! Haha. I'd rather sleep than to face people who made me hate the last day of the year - my birthday.

I couldn't even celebrate it at Piw's house anymore. As much as I want to, I know I can't anymore. Things are different now with me and him and them. I'm not even sure if we're still friends. Because as of what I know, friends are there for you in good and bad times. I know, we lost track of each other but neither of them tried to catch up. I tried to communicate, but again, things aren't the same anymore. =(

But I'm cool. This is life. People leave. Right?

First Post.

This is my fourth blog. Yes! If you have been reading my other blog, the third one, you'll know why I decided to make this blog. At least, there's something new for me these past few days. It's already 2 in the morning and I'm still sticking my head in this device I can't get over with.

Well, aside from the fact that I am not yet sleepy, I just finished lay-outing the invitation cards for a client and I'm going to present it tomorrow to her. I made four different lay-outs and hopefully, if she'll like just even one out of the four lay-outs I made, then the the lay-out she'll choose will be off to be flattened then off to printing. Yipee! And that would mean gees to me. I'll post her choice here as soon as she decides.

I'm bored right now! I'm just listening to some OPM and I've come to realize that it's not my thing anymore. I remember before how I adored original pinoy music. But I still love Pinoy bands! No matter how some people see them as jologs or whatever, I STILL LOVE THEM! How can I criticize bands like Bamboo and Parokya ni Edgar?! They make good music, mehn. And probably, that is the main reason why I can't put them on my hate list. Lol.

By the way, Nikka is arriving anytime soon from Cebu. The whole second year (high school) of St. Paul University went to Cebu for an excursion. They left last Wednesday night and they'll be back this dawn. Her classmate will just drop her here in the house because I can't effing DRIVE and be able to pick her up from the port! How come I'm the only one in our family who is not driving?! Ugh! Remind me about it. Everyone's urging me to "learn" well in fact, I know how to drive! It's just that I do not have a license. But I do have an SP though.

Okay, 'til here fellahs! My brain is working too much that a lot of topics are coming up to my head. I'm scared I might tackle everything and I might not stop typing here! ☺

P.S. I'll post pictures soon. ☺

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