Work It.

Since it's summer, and I think I'm still on the no-class-no-allowance policy with my Mom, I thought of having some sideline raket to support myself. Though I've been working on oDesk but I'm saving up for a digital camera. I'm not hoping for a DSLR anymore because it's like shooting for the stars. A decent digicam will do. Hopeless people can't be choosers, you know.

Since it's election time, I thought of using my lay-outing techniques and some marketing strategies, and there's this local candidate who was nice enough to hire me for my expertise. I only had limited resources so I had to go an extra mile in looking for a cheap but de kalidad printing shop. You see, running for public office is not a joke, and not to mention, very costly! It's important to, at least, bring your costings down.

This friend of mine who works for a printing shop in Cebu City generously offered me an unbelievably low rate for the tarpaulins. So gaiz, for designs, prints, photography, or video production, please please please check out ARCHIVUS DESIGNS. They actually have two branches in Cebu City -- Nasipit, Talamban and Junquera street. You may contact ARCHIVUS DESIGNS at (032) 253-2615 or 412-9484. If you're up to mass and fast production, then they're the best people to go to. As their tag line says, they create things easier.

The Emoness In Me.

Every time I feel the urge to write, it's either I feel too up, or too down. Just like now, I feel so shitty. I don't understand exactly, but all I know is that I feel there are a lot of things to cry about now. I've been carrying this heavy heart lately, and I just wish I have someone to cry on. I wish everything's just fine right now so that I could be happy -- WE could all be happy.

I know people change, but memories don't, right? We outgrow the things we were used to do and have. That's given, and I completely understand that. But I just think it's quite unfair that everything around me has changed and moved on, and leaving me just the way I am. Why can't I just move forward and live my life the way I should be living it?

You know the feeling when you want to do this and that because that's what you guys were used to do, but you can't because your fellas have other more important things to do anymore, and besides, it's not their thing anymore? It hurts like crap, you know, because you can't do the things you enjoy most with your friends anymore. But all you can do is just act as if you're not affected, but inside you, there's this knife stabbing every organ you have inside your human body.

I wish I have friends who are by my side right now.

So maybe no one's reaching out, or maybe someone is, but I just can't feel it. But prideorwhatsoever aside, I miss them. That's all.


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