Stay. Stay Away.

I will be away for quite a while. I am trying to have the 'time of my life', so please, give me a break. Okay? Haha. As a matter of fact, I am just squeezing this for my cyberfriends to know that I am okay and I can't post frequently from this day on, or maybe, for the rest of the summer season. I'll try to test myself if my system won't be bunjing around if I won't blog for a month or two. Try lang. =) But I know I can't do it. LOL.

Oh sige, I will be leaving this afternoon so babooo for now, bloggerfriends! I know you're all going to have your "summer special" too! Can't wait to hear your stories about your vacation! This will be FUN! Whatever it is. Far out. Haha.

Leave me messages on my chatbox, okay? I'm going to miss this. Honestly, I can't wait for summer to be over. It's killing me. =p

-=KAAKAAMS, temporarily signing off=-

On And Off.

On Summer
Summer has finally invaded Doomsville. The weather has been unbelievably hot! Lately, I just caught myself wanting to go to the beach. Haha. So not me. Summer, please go away.

My schoolfriends are meeting up tomorrow at school. They'll try to check out their grades themselves. Haha. Good luck on your Data Struc, people. Tss. Grades! OMG. I hope my Accounting grade will be just fine, because I can not afford to fail that subject. I do not want to re-take Accounting 12! I've had enough of the chapter assignments, reporting, very long and brain-racking exams, sleepless nights, of Accounting 12. I'm pretty sure that my subjects, aside from Accounting 12 though, are super fine. It's only my Accounting 12 that has been a big burden to me ever since the 2nd semester started. Fnck. =|

On @random
Haha. Everyone in the house patiently waited for the airing of my first ever TV appearance last Sunday. I kept on covering my face the whole time. I don't know. It's very awkward to see myself on TV! I didn't blab about it, because I was shy. But still, some friends saw the interview. I have no idea how they knew about it. Basta everyone just texted me and they were like: "Hey! Ur on TV!". Duh. It wasn't me. LOL.

On Fellow Bloggers
Calling on Mark Xander and Misha. Please blog again.

As of last account, Mark has withdrawn his participation in the blogging world. He has decided to end his blog "due to some unfortunate online misbehavior of anonymous stalkers and cyber-bullies". I hope everything will be okay, Mark. I hope you'll change your mind. =|

About Misha's blog, I knew from another common blogger friend that someone hacked Misha's blog. Shame on you, hacker. Tss. Anyway, if somebody knows Misha's new blog or whatever, please let me know, okay? I miss reading her exciting entries. ='(

On Family
I'm thinking of spending some time with my Pop. He knows that I do not want to, but he is still inviting me to stay with him for a few days at his place. Haha. Well at least I can spend some time with my little half-siblings. Yuck. "Older sister" effect. Whatever. I'm still thinking about it, but as of now, I really don't want to go because... I just don't. Period.

On Friends
Haha. I'll try to bond with you guys soon. You know you miss me. LOL. But seriously, I miss everyone. Can't wait to see you people!

On Lovelife
Haha. Dream on. I do not even have one. As if. Back off, I just feel like including it here. =)

P.S. Happy Birthday, Veronica Diana "Nikka" Justiniani, a.k.a "GUMSy bear".
P.P.S. Happy Birthday Alfonso Rafael "Aujay" Lomeda!
P.P.P.S. Belated Happy Birthday Manong JB Justiniani!


My blogger friend, Mark Xander, texted me last week and asked me if I was available the following morning. I thought it was all about the book, "City Girl Trapped in the Boondocks",I was inquiring him about. I told him I couldn't make it the next day because that week was our final exams' week, and so I asked him if he's available on some other time. To my surprise, he told me that he wants to interview me for his show "@random". OMFG. I thought he was just kidding me or something but he was serious! Haha.

So yesterday, I went to @random's set. I brought along my cousins K and K, and of course, my gayfriend, G. It was the first time me and Mark met personally, and I tell you, he is very accomodating. Super.

Studios, TVs, cameras, lights - ACK! It's my effing first time to be interviewed for a TV show. My knees were trembling as soon as I saw the 'set'. Mark told me that I'm not the only one who will be interviewed. There are three of us and the other two were older than me so maybe he will be asking me questions about "blogging as a hobby", since I'm still a student. So it's kinda like a panel interview. Thank God, I'm not alone. Haha.

Then the other guest entered the room. OMFG. I wanted to disappear at that very moment! The other guest was Sir Casocot, an English and Literature teacher from my school. It's "THE" Ian Casocot. Talk about intimidation. LOL. Imagine the coldness of my palms. I wanted to die there and then. =) The other guest can not make it daw.

The interview went quite smooth but I stuttered a million times. Wah. Forgive me! I was very nervous. And my mind was not even cooperating! I couldn't organize the things I wanted to say. Nyak! I was a mess during the whole interview. Haha. But nonetheless, I enjoyed it. It was indeed a very memorable experience - being interviewed by someone I met over the net, Mark, and interviewed together with a literary icon, Mr. Ian Casocot. Whoohoo! I am one lucky ass. =)

It will be aired on Sunday at 8 in the evening on channel 6, Filproducts. Sorry, the non-Negros people will not be able to watch it. =( Haaay!

*** Mark, thank you for being very nice and accommodating to me and to my cousins. Sorry if I had to bring the whole gang. I needed their moral support man gud. LOL. Bitaw seriously, thank you kaayo. It was very nice meeting you in person. =) Bloggers ROCK! =p ***

Hiatus Leave.

Is there such thing?

Anyway, I promised myself not to blog this week. I have a lot of responsibilities to do, a million things to work on, and a gazillion errands too. But here I am, typing. Believe it or not, I unconsciously opened my site, and found myself clicking the "Create New Post" button. Then I realized that I can not put aside the 'blogger side' in me. This is who I am. Blogging is a part of me.

With everything I am going through right now, I know I deserve a BREAK. If 'break' means 'blogging' then why not give it a shot? Tss. I just broke the promise I made to myself, but this is the only way I know to air myself out. Everybody hears me, but NO ONE listens to me. It's hard to convince everyone that I have feelings too. That I can be hurt too. Tss. I hate myself for being an expert when it comes to hiding real emotions.

My blogs are my best friends. They know each and every single crap I'm feeling at that very moment. It's a good thing I have blogs to pour my emotions to, but I am a human. I need someone to converse with. I need real people to give me advises and to tell me whether I am right or wrong, because all this time, I am doing what I THINK is right for me.

Today, I have made the most stupid decision, because I thought it's the right thing to do. Instead of attending J's graduation, I opted not to, even though my heart is telling me that I should go. J is expecting me to be there. He wants me to see him walk across the stage, receive his diploma, and listen to his speech. He has been very excited for this day to come and finally, today is the day that he has been waiting for. His four years in college is now finally paying off all the efforts he made. This is his moment, I must say. And here I am, trying to spoil it. Someone will not be talking to me anymore if I won't go. Sure thing.

I have 30 more minutes to change my decision. I can still make it to the ceremony if I'll leave this house in 30 minutes.





Bahala na. Come what may.

To The Assh*le Who Can Not Understand English

How dare you accuse me of things which everyone knows I couldn't even do. I can not believe this. I can not believe you! If there's someone whom I least thought would do that to me, then that would be you, but I guess I'm wrong. Over the years of our 'friendship', you should've known me better than a spreading-shit-about-you girl.

I hate you for not even trying to hear my side. You jumped into conclusions right away and you had yourself carried away by a stupid news from a person you just recently met. For everything we've been through together, you expect me to scatter those kinds of crap about you? Think it over, dumb a*s. You know I'm not the kiss-and-tell type of person.

I'll stop this. Not because I'm guilty but because I realized that you're not even worthy of any explanation. And even if I explain my side, you wouldn't believe me anyway. Imagine how shallow-minded you are. So go ahead and believe every gossip you hear, I wouldn't care. Just don't ever mess with me again, and don't even think of showing your sh*tface to me ever again!

I'll never forget this, assh*le. I may forgive but I never forget. Yes, I am in rage not because of the pain you have caused me, but because you didn't think twice in believing a very very stupid news. You didn't even bother to assess everything we've been together. You didn't even bother to assess on who's credible enough, me or the person who relayed you the stupid news. And you didn't even bother to ask me if it's true or not!

Go to hell, CVL. You're lucky I didn't put your whole name, jerk!
One more wrong move and I'll make sure you'll be living in hell.
You know how furious I can be. And you know how high my pride can get.


Finals week means hell weak and it's next next week! Haha. The second semester seemed to be so fast. Super. Hmp. I can do this! I need the 'will power' guys. Come on, positive energy. Hmmm.

Okay. Latest 411 with me. I'm stuck with gazillion of projects, papers, exams, etc. And I have a deadline to beat! And while doing all the effing projects and papers, I need to get ready for the finals too. Haaay! Kill me. Puh-lease!

And while getting ready for my final exams, and while doing the projects and papers, I have a play to rehearse everyday until March 8. OMFG. I'm gonna die! But hey! [Free plugging] You are all invited to watch our play on March 8, I'm still not sure about the time, at the Woodward Little Theater. I think it will be FUN. No, I take that back. You're not going to enjoy it. Haha. Ah basta, I'll post pictures, promise.

Heniwee, I felt bad kanina because I think I offended one of the people in our department. I'm going to say sorry the next time I see him. I didn't mean to say such mean words in front of him. I didn't even realize that he may be offended with what I said just until Neel got my attention. How come I'm becoming a mean person lately? This is so not me.

'Nuf of school stuff! Hmmm. Summer is coming! Yeah. I'm going to *********. Haha. You guess. I'm not going to blab about that trip just yet because baka hindi matuloy. Basta, I'm kinda excited about it, but I still don't wanna think about it because I have tons of work to do! I'm really gonna die! Ack.

O sige, I have to go now. I'll update next time, and hopefully, post pictures! MY SITE IS BORING, I know. Tss!

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