It Is Love, Isn't It?

Raise your hand if you know the band "Hellogoodbye" and if you love their song "Oh, It Is Love"!

Haha. Oh well, I've been listening to that song since this afternoon. I just can't help it, I so love the song. It's the sweetest song I've ever heard (then next is "Grow Old With You"). Ack. It seems that the lyrics were mounted from raw feelings. It's so real and sincere. Ugh! I love this song.

I can imagine myself listening to this song with my man in his car and he's driving to until-how-far-his-gas-can-go. Windows rolled down, sipping some soda. His hand on my lap while singing our hearts out. Then he gives me this glimpse as if he composed the song for me. Ugh! Dream on! Haha. =p

This song makes me wanna kiss someone!

♪♪♪ It is love from the first time I pressed my hand into yours.. ♪♪♪

A Deck Of A Heck.

Okay, I must admit that I have this thing for cards. Haha. Weird right? I know. I'm a bit creeped out lately by the fact that I go to school with the following things inside my bag: pen, notebook, few sheets of paper, mobile phones, wallet, ID, and playing cards! Ack. And yes, I often spend my vacant period playing cards with my friends, of course.

Evidences are:
You may click the pictures for a larger view.

Haha. Those are only few of my "captured moments" as the Tong-its Queen. =) WTF? I can't believe I just called myself that. Haha. So random!

Anyhoo, I would just like to make things clear. I do not engage myself into gambling or any sort. It's just my favorite past time as of the moment. I do not bet my assets (e.g. cash, land, properties, etc.) for whoever wins the game. Duh?! I play for fun - plain clean fun. We [Me && Friends] play cards with out the involvement of money, but only the presence of POWDER!
That's what we get for losing a game! Haha. =)

εїз I was willing to change everything for you,
but you were willing to give me up just to change everything..


This week is our Midterm examination week and this only mean one thing: HELL WEEK! Haha. Deadlines, brain-racking exams, reports, blah blah blah! Ugh. I have a photoshop project due next week and I haven't started making it! I do not even have the time to read the guidelines and requirements of the said project that is posted in our virtual class site! Wah! Kill me.

I have three exams tomorrow, and here I am, surfing the net. Tsk tsk! I already reviewed my notes yesterday but I know that I need to scan them again now or tomorrow. Ack. O sige, I'll study this dawn nalang. Promise! Even if it means NO SLEEP! I can do this. Haha. =) I know.

Okay, let's leave that topic now. Enough of school stuff! It's killing me, seriously.

Anyhoo, I made a shirt design for Louella's class. It's simple and so summer-ish. I'm glad she liked it. Yey! Another item inside my vault! Another one for MY ArTwOrks! Woohoo! =)

You may click the picture for a super larger view.
This is the front design.
You may click the picture for a super larger view. =) Haha.
Ciao for now! I have to practice my Soulja Boy dance steps! Haha. =)

♪♪♪ Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe..
Watch Me Crank It, Watch Me Roll
Watch Me Crank Dat Soulja Boy, Then Super Man Dat Hoe
Now Watch Me Do.. Crank Dat Soulja Boy.. ♪♪♪


I was in shock when I found out that my Speech professor was caught by the local police puffing Marijuana last week. Story here.

I could hardly believe the news when I heard it from a classmate this afternoon. My professor is one of the best professors I had in Silliman, so far.

Enough said. I'm still in shock.

The Man Behind Her.


You may click the photo for a larger view.


Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted. Hmp! Factors are: First, Globe Broadband™ has been acting up since two weeks ago! Gawd. Grabe. My connection is still fluctuating until now. Second, Doodle is fixed just today. Third, I'm too effing busy. And fourth, I have nothing to post. LOL.

Okay. I'm downloading AVG Anti-virus right now. I'm not quite sure if this thing is effective but I'm too desperate to 'delete' the virus in my other laptop. I have not installed any anti-virus software in that laptop because I wasn't using it anymore just until I sent Doodle to the shop a week ago. I had no choice but to expose it to the internet and to insert different flash drives. And just a while a ago, I found out that old laptop was infected by a worm. Great!

Anyhoo, I'm glad you're back, Doodle. Haaay! I missed you, 'best friend'. Haha. Bizhub was my 'best friend' when you were gone. But now you're back in my arms! And I promise you, nothing can take us apart now. So hold on, okay? Haha. F*ck this. I'm talking shit here, I know.

Time check: It's already 2:50 A.M. and I have no plans of sleeping. Seriously. I can't believe how I turned out to be an insomiac. As much as I want to lay down on my bed and sleep my butt out, I just can't. So I might as well surf the net. At least I won't get bored. Haha. =)

Mak's player is still with me. I will be uploading videos and songs but I'm too lazy. Tomorrow nalang. Aseh. Miss you pokemon. Haha. Feelurrr bah. =)

O sige, 'til here for now. I keep on staring at the cursor because I do not know what to type anymore. Haha.

Thanks to Bam for these pictures.
Taken during our Accounting exam.
I love you Ma'am Lachica but I just hate your subject. =) Peace out!

♪♪♪ I've been learning to live without you now..
But I miss you sometimes.. ♪♪♪

Delete this post!

I'm in this stinky internet shop near my school. Gawd! Help me. Haha. I just need to use the net to do some researching and blogging, as well. I'm chatting with Klaire right now. She is so weird. Everything is soooo weird lately. What the hell is happening?

My fucking laptop is still in the shop. It's already the third shop that I went to and if they still can't fix my laptop, I'll send it to my cousin in Manila so she can bring it to the HP center there. And if that would happen, that would cost a lot, for sure. So laptop, you'd better be fixed or else! Haha.

O sige, I'll delete this anyway. Haha. Baboo!

I miss you, Klaire. =)


I just feel like blogging right now. But the problem is: I do not know what to 'type'. So this thing is just random.. and of course, spontaneous. Haha. Nonsense, in short. =)

Breaking News (because it's breaking my heart) : My plan with Piw (Cebu plan) will not be pushed through anymore because I just found out that my Mom's sister will be arriving from Australia, together with my cousin, next week. And they will be going back to AU on the 20th and that is the day of the Sinulog celebration. I'm sad but happy. Labo.

Another thing, this evening, I cut my hair myself. Haha. I'm so talented. Okay, dream on, Kaams. LOL. I've been cutting my hair myself since I was in high school. At least, I have no one to blame if ever it turns out to be a disaster! But this time, I like how I did the cut. Same style, but shorter though. =)


Thanks to the following people:

For giving me a black sling bag and a bar of chocolate from Macau. Whoooo! Thanks Dude. Super! Apir.

Manong Tan
For giving me a ride to school and to the laundry shop. Thanks! =)

Thanks for the time last night, Beyb. It was fun. I was so thrilled to read your replies. I was laughing to the max, that I shockingly found myself in tears! Tears of joy. =) Again, thanks. You know how much you mean to me. Thanks for the friendship, Beyb. Haha.

♪♪♪ We're hand in hand.. Chest to chest...
And now we're face to face.. I wanna take you away.. ♪♪♪

Shoot Me.

I'm using the old laptop right now because I sent Doodle to the laptop center this afternoon. It's monitor is not displaying anything! Ack. What the hell happened to you, Doodle? KSP ka! Haha. =)

Anyhoo, It's just so amazing how I have been able to put up with this old laptop's craziness. Duh. As if I have a choice. Haha.

Anyways, today is the first day of school for this year. Ugh. I missed you, school. Haha. We didn't do much in my classes today. But I felt nice seeing my schoolfriends again! Yey. I love them all! Including Nang Jo. Haha. Joke. =) JOKE!

Accounting is starting to piss me off again. Come on, Accounting! Let's start the new year right. You're so demanding. Go to hell. Then come back when you're already good. Okay? Haha.

Hey! Sinulog in Cebu is fast approaching! I wanna go. Piw's coming with me because.. Uhmmm. Ehem. Secret. LOL. Grabeh ka Piw. Is that love? Or lust? Haha. Joke. =) I hope our plan will be a successful one, Piw. Let's pray. =)

By the way, Dar just got back here in PI. She texted me and I was suppose to meet her after school this afternoon but laziness struck me again, so I went home instead. I'll meet her if I have time this week. Hopefully tomorrow. =) Welcome back, Biatch. I never thought you'd come back to the PI. Haha. Joke.

Til here, Dudepare. =) I'll update soon. Haha.

At this very moment:
I want to eat Neva's carbonara and chicken millanese.
I want Doodle back!
I want someone who would take me away.
I want an effing iMac!!!

♪♪♪ I'll stop the world and melt with you.. ♪♪♪

La da da da.

Last night was a suspense. I wasn't expecting that I'd see you again after all this time. The feeling was unexplainable. But don't worry, I won't go that far to even make an effort of even trying to explain. Haha.

Hide. Please. Don't ever show your effing face to me ever again. Okay? I might break it the next time I see you. So BEWARE of ME.

For the last time, PAKSHET KA!

Thank you for making me comfortably numb, Asshole.

You may click the photo for a larger view.

♪♪♪ The path that I'm walking.. I must go alone.. ♪♪♪

First Post For 2008.

I'm not greeting anyone a Happy New Year. Haha. =) Because mine was the lamest! Okay. I'm talking shit here. So random.

Anyhoo, let me thank the people who has moved and touched my life last 2007. Super thanks! I can't mention everyone so I'll mention in general instead.

Lunch buddies.
Friends. Duh.
Family friends.
School people.
And of course, to the people who were always behind me to clean up my mess!

I ♥ you all!
Super thank you for making my 2007 a blast! Blast? Haha.

♪♪♪ I've been awake for a while now..
You've got me feelin' like a child now..

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