Oh Well.

It was 2001 when I met my bud’s older brother, Ton. I was 15 then, he was 19. An unnoticeable high school girl having some crush with a campus crush college dude. I was like reaching for the stars.

But fate was kind to me. We eventually became friends as well and constant textmates. He was giving me advices and all that, but I thought he was lame because he was treating me like a younger sister. But who was I to complain? Having my name and number stored in his phone's contacts was more than even enough! He was my dream boy…

Until he became my boyfriend on October 21, 2002.

The next four months weren’t easy at all. I had to deal with all the girls that would follow him wherever he went, the girls that would text and call him all the time. I had to deal with him being in college and I, still in high school. I had to deal with his crazy schedule and never-ending studyouts with other girls.

He had to deal with my immaturity.

On February 18, 2003, we finally took time apart. It was my immaturity, according to him, that brought us to that situation. I didn’t ask him to stay longer anymore, because he wanted space and time alone and I can not force that.

He broke my fragile heart.

I wouldn’t deny that I was bitter with him. I can’t imagine how easy it was for him to move on, how he was able to just smile and just laugh it off every time someone would pop the “WHY?” question regarding the break up. It was too casual for him, and there I was, about to take a quick escape from the world because I was hurt too much.

But we remained good friends.

Because I had no choice. We belong in one circle. He’s my friend’s brother, my friends’ friend, my boyfriend. Meaning, I get to see him on parties, I get to hang out with him, I get to text him, I get to hug and kiss him and tell him how much I still love him. I’m not quite sure if it was a help for my recovery but I was pretty sure with one thing — that I am happy I still get to see and talk to him whenever I want to.

Fast forward to today, June 9, 2010. I am blogging this because I can’t deny the fact that I still have feelings for him and that I would trade everything I have just to have him back. It’s been seven long years since we’ve broken up, and in those years, I never doubted my feelings for him. I never doubted that it’s still him that I want.

It’s absolutely crazy, I know, but there’s this inch of me that’s been hoping that we’d get back together, maybe not now, but hopefully soon. You know that feeling that even at the end of the day, it's still him you think about, you care about. That when you're alone, all you think is him, what he's doing, where he is. That when you see him with someone else, you stare at them and imagine it was you who he's with. That when you remember happy thoughts with him, you ask yourself "What if it's still us?". That after a failed relationship, it's still him you want to have back, and not whoever.

That all you ever want to write in your Christmas wishlist is his name.

Oh well, this feeling brings me back when I was still in high school. Back when he was just a crush and I was someone reaching for the stars. A big shiny star. :)

OMG. Seven longfnckingcrap years? Seriously now?

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2010.

It's already the 4th year of this writing project, but this is the first time that I will be casting my votes. I admit I was totally anti-social with other blogs before, maybe that's why I didn't care about them that much. But this time, I realize that I shouldn't just leave these amazing blogs unnoticed.
So here's my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010:

1. Rabsing - Ricky is a personal friend of mine way before he started blogging. I believe it was I who introduced blogging to him and I can't believe how far he's gone in the blogosphere. I am truly proud of him and his passion to sing. I've seen him sing live during school activities before but you must agree that he has brought his singing career to the next level! Rabsing.com is the only singing blog I know! (Is there such thing as a "singing blog", by the way? Lulzzz)
2. Libotero - I would love to travel only if I had the time and the extra moolah for it. But unfortunately, I don't! Haha:) This blog helps me to, somehow, "experience" and "feel" other places in the Philippines by reading the entries and looking at the amazing pictures.
3. EverythingUbec - Well I frequent Cebu because aside from the fact that it's one of the nearest island to Negros, I think it's really an amazing island. You can find almost everything that's next to paradise in that wonderful island. I go to the city if I feel like getting myself into a fast-pacing busy life, or I can go down south where the mystical falls are located, or I could drive up north to give myself a treat to some relaxing beach. Thus, this island is really really close to my heart. Now in this site, I find most of Cebu City's latest happenings - what's in and what's not. Nice!
4. Project52Weeks - This videoblog is owned by one of the bloggers that I look up to, Micamyx. I must say that this blog has a unique way of documenting 2010 because it will showcase 52 short videos by Micamyx. Cool, isn't it?
5. WhenInManila - This events blog basically features everything in Manila - from food to nightlife to events and other cool stuff! I see this blog's name everywhere in the blogosphere. Thus, this blog is really really influential. Don't you think eh?
6. GandaEverSoMuch - Sa name pa lang ng blog, it'll make you smile already. Well this blog makes me chuckle every time I visit it. This personal blog is owned by a blogger named Orman whose humor is unbelievable, in a good way! :)
7. Nomnomclub - Being a food enthusiast that I am, I just can't leave food blogs unnoticed. Lulzzz!:) This particular food blog is one of my favorites because there's humor, amazing write-up, and very very effective pictures! Every time I visit thie blog, it'll either make me salivate or it'll make me say "Nomnom, ong sorop nomon!"
8. PigginOutSessions - This is another amazing food blog that I know of. The entries are usually about food events or dishes that are found in Cebu City. The write-ups are exceptional since the blogger writes for a local mag/paper and mind you, his photos are equally as amazing as his write ups since I believe he's a photographer as well. Side note: the blogger is yummy a Cebuano -- his name is Doyzkie. Hahaha:)
9. KusinaMaria - As what I've mentioned, I love to eat! I love everything about food. This food blog showcases different recipes by Ria Jose and it features different entrees and desserts too. She also gives tips and tricks on cooking, baking, etc. This food blog, I must say, is the bomb! :)
10. FatGirlNoMore - Contrary to the fact that I am a food enthusiast, I also want to lose some weight. I totally feel the blogger of this blog, because I'm also going through what she's experiencing as an overweight. It isn't easy you know, and it'll never be. I know because I also have to deal with life's challenges and obstacles of being obese. This blog is truly a guide and an inspiration to me. :)

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My Very First.

Well as they say, there's always a FIRST to everything! Sooo yeah, I just had my very first experience as a symposium speaker. I was asked if I could share my little knowledge about the latest trends of the internet to the special science class of Demetrio L. Alviola National High School (DLANHS), Bindoy, Negros Oriental. How could I say no to the kids?
So first, I talked about Social Networking Sites - categories, advantages, disadvantages, examples, etc. I didn't have a hard time explaining this to them since almost everyone is aware of Social Networking Sites. I only helped them broaden their knowledge about it.
The second part of my talk was BLOGGING 101. It was all about the basics of blogging - what's a blog, how does it work, and all that. You see, we can't deny that blogging has become one of the most influential trend on the world wide web these days and I am very proud to be a part of the blogging community, so sharing my itsy bitsy knowledge about blogging to the special science class of Demetrio L. Alviola National High School (DLANHS) was really, and I mean REEEAAALLY, my privilege.

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