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valentines_day_Did anyone say "Valentine's Day"? Oh shyeah, I guess I heard it right.

I was chatting with Liza a while ago and she asked me, "Kams, mag-unsa ka karong 14? Naa na ka date?" [Kams, what are you doing on the 14th? Do you already have a date?]. I was like WTF?! What's with the 14th pala? And then it hit me. Haha:-D Can you imagine that I honestly forgot that Heart's Day is already around the corner. What the h*ll.

So anyway, few weeks ago, my friends and I planned to go on a group date on the 14th. Dine out then, as usual, drown ourselves with alc*hol. My V-Day is usually like that. Go drunken-crazeh-babeh. The only difference every year is the people I'm with. And this time, I plan to spend that very special day with my very special friends. My Alpha Delta Kappa friends are planning to "celebrate" on the eve, February 13, and we'll welcome the V-Day with a big bang bonggang bonggang bongbong. Lol.

But if, just if, worse comes to worst and I end up being alone on the 13th and 14th, I already have "back-up" plans.

SKIP THE V-DAY. Sleep on the 13th and wake up on the 15th.

♥  JUSTICE FOR THE LOVELESS! Go and rally outside the usual restaurants where couples would have their oh-so-sweet candlelit dinner to celebrate the V-Day.

♥  FIND A DATE. Go to Mount Ararat and maybe, just maybe, find the ultimate Valentino there.Who knows, right?

Ok, that's pathetic, I know. Hahaha. But hey, those suggestions would probably work. Don't you think? So to those who are alone and do not know what to do on that day, just pick your choice among the three of my "back-up" plans. Ok? Go.

Gone Down.

Okay, YOU are freaking me out. Swear.

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