When In Dumaguete.

Last May, my BFF Jizzy from Cebu came to Dumaguete City for a quick visit. She actually studied her 3 years in high school here so she's quite familiar with the places around. Since it was her first visit after so long, I brought her to one of my fave places in the Ghetto (our term for Dumaguete --> Dumaghetto).

We had lunch at Gabby's Bistro which is, by the way, just a block away from my house. The bistro is located at Florentina Homes, Rovira Road. Their food is superb and not pricey at all! The ambiance is amazing, and I just love EVERYTHING about Gabby's Bistro. This is the best place to go to have fun dining and experience an unbelievably amazing ambiance.

Chips and dip -- the chips are very thin crisp. Yum!

Mozzarella sticks -- this is very very very yum! The herby dip goes well with the sticks!

Calamares/Squid Rings -- one of the best in town!

Pork Parmigiana -- breaded pork topped with cheese. This is really good too!

Baby Back Ribs -- one of the house's specialty. This is really really really, and I mean REALLY, good! You can never go wrong with this! :)

Gabby's Bistro
Florentina Homes, Rovira Road,
Bantayan, Dumaguete City
+63-35 422-0827

Jehzlau Is Love.

Why do I deserve an Android phone from Jehzlau?


1. He stepped on my precious foot during WordCamp 2008, and he didn't even say sorry. Lol. No, seriously, I ♡ Jehzlau-Concepts. :)

2. This is the ONLY way for me to own something high-end.

3. My phone really sucks. It's the cheapest qwerty phone I can afford. It looks good physically, but everything inside is blah! 4. As a frustrated blogger, I want to experience blogging through phone.

5. I've never won in any contest in my life and I would die just to win this time.

6. I'd kill just to have this phone. (Violent much? Hehe.)

7. Because Dumaguete is so third world, I don't even think an Android phone exists in this place. Wouldn't it be amazing if I'd be the first one to have it here? *beautiful eyes*

8. Because if I win this Android phone, I promise to give my 3-month old phone to a phoneless person. I just want to return the blessing and do a good deed just like what Jehzlau is doing. :)

9. I feel like a loser my entire life and I would like to know how it feels like to be a winner.

10. Because the Android phone is just AMAZING and so is Jehzlau. And I believe I am too. Lol:)

Random 102.

My family is so awesome, they decided to have an instant party last night. Well it all started when my grandpop wanted to eat lechon and I wanted to eat gambas and stuffed squid. Good thing my grandmom was up for it because she's the only one who knows how to cook. Preparations were made on that same friggin' day. So yeah, poooof! Instant feast, beybeh!


When there's lechon, there's Dinuguan/Blood stew

Baked squid stuffed with mozzarella cheese and bacon, covered with sour cream

Gambas soaked in butter! *slurppp*

Chicken cordon bleu


Steamed lapu-lapu

Macaroni salad

Leche flan

Pavlova - the best!

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