Another Open Letter.

ADKS & Fatties,

I really don't like to care anymore because I'm hurting already. I tried so hard to keep the bond, but as I held on, I realized that the tighter my grip was, the more I was pushed away.

I felt isolated.

I don't want to try harder anymore because it would only make me feel bad about myself. Sobra na. TH na kaayo ko to save this. I've even went out of my way to at least save this effing friendship, pero wala. I only got nothing in return.

I don't care if you'll read this. After all, I'm not saving any friendship anymore.

Just When.

I don't know if I should feel bad. I called up a friend whom I was suppose to meet tonight. It turned out that this certain friend of mine was already sleeping. She answered the call with her I-was-sleeping-until-you-called voice and told me that we'll meet tomorrow instead. I was fine about it because it's all cool.

After the conversation has ended, she forgot to press the red button and I heard something that wasn't meant for me to hear. ='(

I can't believe my friend has been hiding something from me all this time.

Another Friend Who Blogs.

Nethaneel "Neel" Sagun -- a fellow member of the Alpha Delta Kappa Society, partner in crime during Accounting and Stat classes last semester, a friend to all -- now blogs.

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Neel!


There's this feeling that just pops out of your system and even yourself couldn't understand how it feels exactly. So here I am right now, making a face-to-face connection with my laptop, staring at the screen, typing as if I know exactly where this post would lead, because I just feel like blogging. I know I haven't been really updating with what's really happening with my life lately, but nah, who cares? I just miss this. Whatever this is.

Recent acts have been topsy-turvy, and I don't know how to end this. I don't even know how this started. I don't know how to fix this. Can I even still clean up this mess? Sometimes, I hope that I could just hold down the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del. But in reality, blaming or pinpointing is the easiest escape. Family, peer pressure, school, social life, friends, classmates, and sometimes, even God. But at the end of the day, it boils down to one thing: Why did I let this happen?

I wish I could write more about this, but I don't want to can't.

After all, it's always going to be me, right?


More often than not, I'm left with no choice.


I want to be a photographer.
But first, I need a camera.

* Picture taken at Bo's Coffee Club, Glorietta last September 8, 2008.

Sabado Night.

Guess what? I'm here at home on a Saturday night. I don't know if it's a good thing or not because this is so unusual and so-not-me thing. Well I think this is because I still feel so beaten-up after last night. The beer-then-rhumcoke drinking spree wasn't so good for me after all!

Let me start from the "good part" of last night's happening. Wing and I went to Hayahay at around 12 in the morning. After two bottles of beer, a platter of mixed sushi and Dumaguete express, we followed Ate Liz, Kuya Aldon, and their Manila-based friend, Romel at El Camino, some sort of a pub near Hayahay.

It was my first time to literally "party" at El Camino. Usually, I'm only seen there because of a school function (like acquaintance parties etc.), or maybe because a friend dragged me there. And at those times, I'm often at the corner, drinking. I never dance nor socialize with the people at the dance floor.

I was in a bar in Makati last weekend, Club Bureau, where I was able to dance elbow-to-elbow with Anne Curtis, Tim Yap, and all other Manila's elite, who all happened to be in the bar as well. The crowd there was fantastic! It was only last night that I realized that the crowd in Club Bureau is just like 5 steps better than the party people in El Camino. For me, both crowds couldn't be leveled of course, but at least, the crowd in El Camino isn't as worst as I thought. In fairness, the attitude was impressive.

Late-night-foodtrip-after-partying is an SOP. It was about 5AM already when we left El Camino to satisfy our hunger. We went to Qiosko, and we had Arozz Balao. It's a must-try, I tell you!

Ate Liz, Kuya Aldon, and Wing dropped me here at home just right before the sun showed up.

P.S. I heard Mark Mejia is currently preparing himself for next year's American Idol. OMG. =)
P.P.S. If you don't happen to know who Mark Mejia is, he was the one who beat David Archuleta on StarSearch five years ago.
P.P.P.S. He's a Filipino. =)

Peace Men.

So I take back what I said in my previous post. I realized that I shouldn't be too affected with some people's perception about my blog, because after all, it's MY blog. I write what I feel, and what I feel like writing. My grammar may not be as perfect as their's but at least, I could swear that I write from the heart.

The previous post was some sort of a spur-of-the-moment reaction, you see. It's just that I really feel like moving, but I just can't leave this one. I can't decide what to do exactly! I want to publish my OWN site. Have my own domain, and everything. But blah! Whatever.

My trip was super fine. I really had fun, I swear to God! I learned a lot, and it's just so amazing that I rode a taxi alone, from the condo to La Salle, then from the condo to Glorietta too! See, I told you guys I can learn. Haha. =)

The convention went well, because the organizers were super amazing! And not to mention, the sponsors and the speakers too! Thank you, not just because I learned a lot from the lectures, but because I really think it's more than that. I got acquainted with some other bloggers from where ever. It's the experience and exposure, you know. =)

I'm planning to get my own domain and webspace. Kaakaams [dot] com perhaps? Wadyu think? Can anyone please help me with this?


I am finally taking this blog down because I've had enough!


A few hours from now, at 5AM, Ate Kim and NiƱo, together with some friends, will be going to Cebu to attend a friend's wedding. Then at 9AM, Jude will be boarding Cebu Pacific bound for Manila for his scheduled interview at the US Embassy on the 9th. Then at 5PM, I will follow, boarding Philippine Airlines, bound for Manila of course, for my convention on Saturday.

And guess what, I haven't packed my stuff yet. Not even a single undie. Pft.

It Is Simply Amazing.

Here's something for the people who thought that a love story like this only happens in an oh-so-perfect-love-story movie.

If you think fairy tales do not exist these days, think again. It made me. =)

Off To Nevernever Land.

I know some of you are wondering where I am going on the 6th, especially Ricky. Hi Rick! Haha. So I've decided to just give the information away because first, I'm beginning to think that it's just me who's making this whole thing a big deal when it's supposed to be not. Second, you guys will find out sooner or later and there's no point in hiding this anyway. Third, because I am very proud and I want the whole world to know that I am participating in this convention -- The WORDCAMP PHILIPPINES 2008.

I am very honored to be a part of this first-time event on September 6, 2008 at De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, Manila, which will be attended by 250 chosen Wordpress bloggers and blog enthusiasts all over the Philippines. This is a big event and this is also the first WordCamp in Southeast Asia, FYI. There are a lot of activities and lectures that are scheduled on the convention day itself, and I am super duper excited about this.

I joined because I want to learn and widen my knowledge on these things. I've been a blogger for 4 years now, and I think it's now time for me to undergo some formal lectures and talks about this, and it's really my privilege to be chosen among thousands (I suppose) of applicants. To be qualified to join and be a part of this premier event for bloggers and developers like me is really an honor, because not to mention, this event will be attended by Matt Mullenweg himself, and I'm going to have the effing chance to meet him live in person. OMG.

I will be leaving on the 5th, then I will be back on the 9th. After the main event, I still have a few days before I come home, so maybe Jude and I will hopefully have the chance to go around Manila. Hi Jude! Lol!

Stalk me if you want! LMAO.


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