Why Blogspot?

Someone asked me why I stopped blogging on my friendster blogsite. I told him that aside from the fact that I am avoiding someone who has been reading and spying me through my friendster blogsite, I got too busy in taking care of my friendster profile. Stupid me. But really! I got too busy tracking who has viewed my profile in friendster. Isn't it nice to update your profile every now and then because you have tracked about 200+ viewers?!

But then I found myself longing for something. I realized that I really cannot put away my 'blogger side'. Naks! =)

So I (re)opened my home in i.ph where I jotted down emotions. Yes, I have to admit that I have been "emotionally pressured" for the past few months. Having an outlet is really important for me. If I had no outlet then, people around me would have to deal with my emotional outbursts. And I don't want that to happen, because I become a monster whenever I feel emotionally pressured. Or even more than that.

Anyway, why did I choose 'blogspot'?! It is because I am a coder. I really miss coding a lot. Haha.

And I realized that maybe it's now time to have something online again. =)

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