Rejoice Because It Isn't Over Yet.

I didn't want to, but the urge of computing my grades was bugging me. So I did it. I computed my grades.

I know I did a great job last semester, because I believe I got grades higher than the average. Accounting grades aren't released yet until now, and I have no idea if I'll pass or not because Accounting was a bitch last sem, and now, I wish I never took that subject. My grades were qualified for the College Honors with out the Accounting grade. I didn't include the units for Accounting when I computed my grades earlier, but I took the chance of it - that maybe I'll pass. Considering I pass Accounting and I get the passing grade of 1.0, it's not even enough because Accounting has 6 units. A grade of 1.0 will pull back my QPA, thus, I wouldn't make it to the College Honors. I need a grade of at least 2.5 for Accounting, and that is very impossible for me to have. So to summarize everything, the dream of being a College Honor just for once isn't coming true. Next time. =)

I'm glad I've changed. If didn't, I wouldn't have high grades last semester. I strived, and I deserve my grades. I worked hard for them, and the bliss for getting high grades paid off every effort I made last semester. Sure thing. Though I know my dream won't come true this time, but not making it to the College Honors won't make me lose hope. Instead, I am challenged that I should strive harder for the next semester. Geez! I just can't believe all those efforts I've made are still not enough. I still have my scholarship, so I'm cool with it.

This is the start of everything. I told you, I've changed. I WILL change. I CAN change. I AM changing. I DID it.

P.S. I miss you, E. ♥

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