Time Can Never Mend.

So instead of hitting the gym yesterday, K, G, and myself opted to drop the gym schedule and rather, grab some Chimachanggas from Memento that myself and G have been drooling for since the other day. Ugh. Imagine the feeling we had from our first bite. It was heaven!

Anyway, how's your summer, everyone? Mine's the BOMB! You see, I had the chance to go to a lot of places. Not only in the PI but around the world. The Europe trip was the best. Nothing beats. And the Japan expedition too. Having sushi, sashimi, and authentic terriyakis for my everyday meal? Ugh. It's just great you know. And not to mention the techie stuff I got this summer! My all-time dream - the iMac, new phones - Nokia N95 [from Pop] and iPhone [from Mom], a new iPod Touch, and of course, a new cam - Canon SLR 400D. And to make my summer the ultimate one, Mom got me a new ride - a Toyota black Fortuner. This is my best summer ever!

Okay. So I'm talking shit here. Haha. Well everything is the exact opposite okay? My summer sucks. Swear. It's the most boring shit ever. I've been a total bum since summer started, and that's the main reason why I can't wait for school to start again.

But, I still have the Kawasan Adventure to look forward to.

At least.

Okay, I suck.

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