Today is fine, better than yesterday not to mention. IP ended before 3, as usual, but I never made my program run because I can't complete the trappings. Great, the deadline is moved to Friday. Hopefully, Jupo is going to help me by making a sample program, or maybe, provide me an example. Whichever, it will be a great help, for sure.

EscaƱo wasn't so great today. As early as 3PM, I wouldn't even expect a lot of people there. I wouldn't even expect the Tambayan to be open. So okay, change venue.

We wanted to give ourselves a treat of balots, but again, it was too early. So we strolled along the boulevard and tried the Burger stall right across. My cheeseburger with egg was okay, not something great though. The taste justified it's price, P27. Not so busog but okay, change venue.

Wynne had a soccer practice at 5PM. We stayed at the ballfield untill 6 maybe? And to our surprise, SUMC, which was right across, was burning. The city firetruck came to the rescue, then the Filipino-Chinese firetruck followed seconds after, and as always, the SU firetruck was the last one to arrive. It arrived just after the fire was put off by the two firetrucks that arrived first. But the fire wasn't that big though, but still. Strike two, SU firetruck.

Off to Foodnet. Then home. Called it a day.

So my day may not be exciting, but who cares? I do.

I need something to excite me aside from the news I heard that Bobby's courting Cole.

Okay I lied, it didn't make me feel excited.

I need a life. I miss my life. I miss the life I had.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Christopher John Alandy Dy Tiu! More to come, Chris. =) Can't wait to see you soon!

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