Let's See From Up Above.

Is ditching the fad lately?

I do not understand why some of my so-called 'friends' are acting so weird lately. First, he made me believe in things that aren't happening, made up something which he thought I'd never find out what's real and what's not in his made-up story. Second, she made up an act. Pretended to be bored and 'wanted' to go out with me, but only to find out, she's in some place with her TH friends. The next morning, she told me she left her phone blah blah blah. Whatever. Her excuse sounded so lame.

I will not fight back, or do a revenge because I wasn't taught to be like that. I will not step down to their level because I find it so degrading. I may let this incident pass, but I will never forget this.

Friends? I guess I have to ask Mr. Webster it's real meaning.

So maybe you think you can outsmart me? Try me.

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