GTH, Miss.

Contrary to what Dumaguete City is tagged as, "The City of Gentle People", I just found out that some people here won't go an extra mile to help others simply because they don't want to.

A few weeks ago, me and my cousin, Kim, went around the city to check on the shipping fees of different couriers here in Dooms. We were starting our business then, and we had to post the corresponding shipping fees for each region in the PI so it wouldn't be much of a hassle to our customers, of course.

And so, first stop, Air21. Their small office is located at the ground floor of the Ultra Vision Building.

We arrived there a little over 5PM, 5:05 perhaps. The office was already closed, but the door was still unlocked. We went inside thinking that we would be entertained since we won't be shipping anything. We were just there to ask for the rates, that's all. But the receptionist seemed to be annoyed by our presence and told us that she has no idea about the rates because she isn't the one assigned. "Igo ra man ko tig type", were her exact words.

Ok fine. So off we go. We can't blame her if she's only hired to do the typing. If that's her only job, then fine. But my point is, she could've told us the range or perhaps, she could've given us the estimated rate. Or maybe, she could've told us to wait for a while because she'll try to check it out first or something. The crap part is, with out thinking twice and with out hesitations, she told us right away that she couldn't help us. Or I think, she DIDN'T want to help us.

Then this afternoon, we had to ship some Kimonos to a customer in Misamis, which is, by the way, our second shipping so far. To my surprise, the girl who refused to help us because "tig type lang siya", was the one who 'entertained' us and everything. Hmmmm. So you're only hired to type, huh? And worse, she knew how to rate the package because they had this book where all the rates are listed.

I wanted to kick her face right there and then.

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