Christmas Tradition 2008.

It's the time of the year when our family continues the tradition we've been doing since my mom and her sisters were still kids. I also blogged about last year's tradition event HERE. So yeah, just read it up. :)

This year, it rained so hard, thus we had to do the activity inside the old office (which is now a bodega). We were afraid that the kids won't show up because of the non-stop rain that day, but thank God, they did! We didn't do the usual games (sack race, tag-o-war, trip to jerusalem) anymore due to the lack of space, but we replaced them with "hep-hep hooray!", singing contest, etc. We were used to have the whole event in the grounds and we didn't anticipate the rain. Though we were making siksikan inside the old office, it was still helluva FUN!

The kids

This year is also special because our friends joined us!

The loot bags

Hep hep hooray!

The kids having so much fun!

Fujiko, the cutest kid who attended the event :)

See you all again next year, kids!
Have a merry christmas! ♥

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