You're It.

I was asked, "What childhood game you like the most?".

When I was a kid, I remember my Mom would often tell me that running, biking outside the house, playing with soil, and things alike, are NO-NOs. I just felt so deprived, while every child in the neighborhood is having the time of his/her life dancing under the rain. I sure had a bike, like every kid had, but I felt so pathetic because I'm not allowed to go biking outside the house. My only track and field was our sala.

The time I started playing lupa-langit and tayokok was when I started my elementary. But later, I just gave up on those games because I wasn't so good at it. It came to a point that I just realized that maybe it wasn't really my thing. And besides, I wasn't able to practice when I was younger. I had no experience in playing those kind of games. Let's put it this way, my classmates were already "professionals" while I was still a "beginner".

But there's this game that's really close to my heart. God, I couldn't remember the last time I played hide and seek or tagu-an anymore. I know I'm too old for that game, but if I were given a chance, I'd give up anything just to hear someone say to me, "Hey, I found you", again. :-(

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