In Memory Of My Friendster Account.

Just a few minutes ago, I decided to open my Friendster account, and to my surprise, a lot has changed! The UI, buttons, apps, etc. I honestly think it has become a low-class version of Facebook. Oooops, no offense meant, but come on. Everyone I know has moved to Facebook because they thought Friendster turned into a jologs pit.

Well the reason why I permanently moved to Facebook is because (1) I got horrified when our helper, out of the blue, added me as a friend in Friendster. I know there's nothing wrong with that but come on. I just don't feel comfortable having her as a 'friend'. (2) I got so annoyed with all those fancy-glittery graphic comments and those mp3-codes widgets. Cause you see, if you wanna leave a comment, then leave something you mean to say. Not for the sake of just leaving something on your friend's page! And (3), Spammers are everywhere! Even if you set your profile to private, they just couldn't stop sending you messages. Ugh those spammerrrsssss!

So yeah, that's the time I told myself to abandon my Friendster. I wanted to delete the entire account but just for memories' sake, I didn't. I've had that account since February of 2004. Lulzzzz!And by the way, the only reason why I opened my FS account today is because I left a 'shout out' saying that I'm already in Facebook and that people should add me there. Oooooops. I think that's a dumb move!

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