Halloween 2010.

So it's the time of the year when anyone can dress up anything they like. Of course, it's HALLOWEEN! This occasion can be the best excuse to go out-of-fashion or some sort. Haha. :)

This year, me and my cuzzos dressed up as CHUZZLES!

We already passed the stage where we'd dress up as white ladies or ghosts. HAHA. No bloody/scary faces for Halloween 2010! :) We didn't go trick or treating anymore because we felt that we were too old for that already and in this little city, I bet no one would take us seriously. Specially with the hair. Haha. We had fun at the costume party held at home.

And so... I will leave you with this very, very cute CHUZZLE, mmmkay? Don't laugh.
Now you can laugh as hard as you can. =))

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