Something To Ponder.

"You lurk in the darkness of my imagination. Haunting my sanity from the core. Breathing courage from the scars that you left me. Smiling from every bruise you have inflicted upon me. But from every masochistic urge lies an assurance - the sweetest downfall of my life - that life is worth living despite. Get up and move on." -SMS from a friend

What the?! LOL. I was watching LOST (DVD) when I received this message. I had to pause the player and read this message again. I read it twice. Bull's eye! It did hit me.

I just got up from the fall I had. And I'm moving on now. From this experience I have now, I have learned a lot. And I'm pretty sure these lessons can help me grow to be a more progressive and mature individual.

The scars and bruises. They will always be with me and only time can erase them away. We may often think that scars and bruises are there to remind us how much pain they have caused us. But nonetheless, don't you think they're there to remind us how great we loved them before?

The sweetest downfall of my life, indeed. Life can never be more cruel to you than breaking you down through the love you both had for each other.

Isn't it pretty ironic that the person who taught me how to love is the exact person who doesn't even know what love is.
And another ironic thing in love that I've learned, how can someone so weak give strength to my life?!
Gee. I don't even know how to answer my questions?! I really learned a lot from this demise experience. One thing is for sure, life is full or irony. And much with LOVE.

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