Happy To Be Happy.

Although we are all looking for lasting happiness and peace, our lives are full of loss, disappointments, tension, illness, and confusion. Often we try to find happiness through avoiding challenging situations or trying to create a "perfect" world for ourselves where nothing is diturbing or unpleasant. Or we try to satisfy all our desires - more things, more achievements, more experiences.

Though "perfect" life, for me, doesn't really exist, but i still do believe in "contented and happy" life. And I must say, I am now very happy to be happy again. Finally, I've found the 'self-contentment' I've been looking for. But I have also learned a lot from the different experiences and struggles I had.

I have basically learned that there is a difference between pleasure and happiness and that no matter how much we acquire, we cannot escape the possibility of loss. Our lives will always be a blend of the delightful and the challenging, the pleasant and the unpleasant, flattering and disturbing encounters, health and sickness.

So, expect the unexpected. Life is like a chocolate box, you don't know what you're gonna get next. =)

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