Fartwork here..

Look what I've done out of boredom! Haha. Kewl. I never knew I had 'drawing' talents like this just until this morning. Feelur. Okay, seriously, I am just amazed with this piece of crap. I couldn't help myself and I just have to post it here. Haha. =) Babaw me. Wawa.

Anyhoo, I have an Accounting test again tomorrow and for sure, brain-bleed! Haha. Some of my classmates are going to have a 'group study' later at Jecca's place but I'm not sure if I can go. I'll see later. I need to get some sleep first! By the way, my assignment today in Accounting scored 234 (or something) out of 365. Pakshet. I need to pass this subject, because I need to pass all my subjects this semester with high grades! Come on. I'm just trying to prove something, you kner. Haha. =)

Nikka's friends are here in the house right now. They have no classes because today and tomorrow's their Periodical Exams. They're doing a scrapbook project. WHAT A CRAP?! They're supposed to study at this moment.

Oh high school life! I remember how our teachers before in high school tasks us to do a project before the PT week and it is to be passed on or before the PT week! WTF?! I can't imagine how I was able to manage. And speaking of! It reminds me again about the upcoming reunion. Haha. Another crap. As of now, I'm not going. The 'Six Point Five' people will have our year-end outing on the 21st too. But we'll see. Make me change my mind, HS friendies. Haha.

Amf. Major subjects are not going to hold classes na this week. This afternoon was the last one. Yipee! So that means, I have no classes on TTh (wholeday) and WF (afternoon). Haha. I'm almost free from you, SCHOOL!

♪♪♪ Sana ngayong pasko ay maalala mo pa rin ako.. Hinahanap-hanap pag-ibig mo.. ♪♪♪

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