First Post.

This is my fourth blog. Yes! If you have been reading my other blog, the third one, you'll know why I decided to make this blog. At least, there's something new for me these past few days. It's already 2 in the morning and I'm still sticking my head in this device I can't get over with.

Well, aside from the fact that I am not yet sleepy, I just finished lay-outing the invitation cards for a client and I'm going to present it tomorrow to her. I made four different lay-outs and hopefully, if she'll like just even one out of the four lay-outs I made, then the the lay-out she'll choose will be off to be flattened then off to printing. Yipee! And that would mean gees to me. I'll post her choice here as soon as she decides.

I'm bored right now! I'm just listening to some OPM and I've come to realize that it's not my thing anymore. I remember before how I adored original pinoy music. But I still love Pinoy bands! No matter how some people see them as jologs or whatever, I STILL LOVE THEM! How can I criticize bands like Bamboo and Parokya ni Edgar?! They make good music, mehn. And probably, that is the main reason why I can't put them on my hate list. Lol.

By the way, Nikka is arriving anytime soon from Cebu. The whole second year (high school) of St. Paul University went to Cebu for an excursion. They left last Wednesday night and they'll be back this dawn. Her classmate will just drop her here in the house because I can't effing DRIVE and be able to pick her up from the port! How come I'm the only one in our family who is not driving?! Ugh! Remind me about it. Everyone's urging me to "learn" well in fact, I know how to drive! It's just that I do not have a license. But I do have an SP though.

Okay, 'til here fellahs! My brain is working too much that a lot of topics are coming up to my head. I'm scared I might tackle everything and I might not stop typing here! ☺

P.S. I'll post pictures soon. ☺

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