What the hell happened to you, GLOBE?! You suck today. Since this afternoon, every time I open my browser, it says “Network Error”, but my Y!M is okay. So I chatted instead - thinking that everything will be back to normal in a few minutes. I’ve waited for like 5 hours already and still, the browser says “Network Error”. I was chatting with Piw and I asked him if he’s experiencing the same problem (since we are both using Globe Broadband) and he said that his connection is fine but it also happened to him the other day. Globe is fixing something daw. Gawd! I’ve been waiting for 9 hours already. Bring my connection back, Globe! I need it!

And just this afternoon too, a friend texted me – informing me that Globe has ended their unlimited text promo, and that we (Globe subscribers) can only register to ‘unlimited texting daylite’. Well honestly, I wasn’t that affected because I do not register to that ‘unlimited text promo’ crap, but I know a lot of people who are deeply affected with the sudden changes Globe has made with their ‘unlimited texting services’.

What the hell happened to “Making great things possible”, Globe? False advertising! You can not even make small things possible. This is strike two na. Remember before? With out prior notice, you increased your ‘unlimited text’ rates more than twice the original amount. Wais ka Globe! You’re just so lucky a lot of people are still patronizing your ‘bulok’ service. As if we have a choice! Changing from one network to the other is not that easy, so Globe subscribers have no choice but to comprehend.

And if I have no internet connection until now, then how am I suppose to post? Haha. Thanks to SMART! It’s truly “Simply Amazing”. I’m using A’s phone. Bleh! :p

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