Now, Make A Move.

Time check: 2:18AM. =) No plans of sleeping. Insomiac. Shoot me. Haha.

Oh well, I'm sticking my head in my laptop until sunrise. I have a stupid class later at 9 and if I sleep now, I know I wouldn't be able to wake up before 9, so I might as well not sleep. Haha. Pakshet ka, *teacher*! I'm not yet done with you. *Evil grin*

Anyways, Miguela (the girl I was talking about in my previous post) is here at home na. Gen, Nikka, and I fetched her in St. Paul this afternoon. She's nice and friendly. And not to mention, she is pretty. Haha. =)

By the way, I watched Gossip Girl episode 11 a while ago with Kyle. Wooohooo! The ending was shocking and hanging, of course. I can't wait until episode 12 - which will be aired on January 2 pa! Pakshet. But I'll patiently wait for you, Archibald. Haha. Nate didn't appear in episode 11. Grrrh!


Christmas is coming! Pakshet. Another cold one for me. I hope Gen will come over on the 24th. She said she'll ask permission daw from her parents and I just hope they will allow her. =)

I'm reading Dar's 'abandoned' xanga site right now. Gawd, I don't think she's aware that I'm reading her site. I'm not even sure if she knows that I know her xanga. Haha. Labo. Anyhoo, I'm having fun reading her entries. Good old days. Haaay! I miss my 'old' friends. What ever happened to 'The Fatties'... I think the memories we shared will be treasured. I know I can't bring us all back together, so thanks for the mem'ries. Haha. Whatevah. Lol.

But honestly, I miss Ching. I miss them. I miss before. I miss SB. Pakshet. Ice-cold Redhorse is never the same without you guys! Amf. =(

Hoi. Diana F. Leonor! Hapberdi. Haha. Love you, Biatch!

♪♪♪ Sometimes you don't expect that friends can become lovers in the end...
Only God knows what the future will bring

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