Yes? No. Yes!

Me and friends went to this cozy place somewhere in Dumaguete. Drank a few bottles of beer and then... they cried! Mga lovelife man gud. Haha. Tss. Here are some snapshots from Yana's cam. It was fun! Yeh. I couldn't even remember how I went home. =)

Oh well. I don't have classes tomorrow again. Yehey! But on Friday, I still have one more class and it sucks! Haha. Go to hell, *teacher*! How dare you hold classes on Friday when all teachers are not holding classes anymore on that day?! Kupal ka. Haha.

I will be going to St. Paul tomorrow to pick-up a 'family-friend' whom I've never met. Don't you think it would be too awkward? I don't know her, she doesn't know me. Haha. Anyway, she's a dorm-intern and I have to pick her up there because she will be spending her holiday season here in the house. Weird?! Okay, the story goes this way. My Tita who lives in the states came back a couple on months ago and she brought along with her her niece. They were suppose to settle here but after a few months, my Tita couldn't stand PI any longer so she decided to go back to the States. But the girl was already enrolled in St. Paul. So she had to stay in the dorm since she will be all alone here in PI. Gets? Haha. Basta, she has no choice but to spend Christmas and New Year with us, unless she wants to spend it with the weird nuns in St. Paul. Haha. =)

Anyhoo, I can't wait to watch Gossip Girl tomorrow. Come one tudou! Upload na. Go go go! Haha. Far out.

About the reunion crap, it's not going to happen anymore! *Evil grin* Let's just say, the organizer sucks. LOL!

Okay, adieu for now. I still have to handle A's burning ass. He's weird lately. Haha. =)

♪♪♪ This is just a half life...
Without you I am breaking down...

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