I have an Accounting chapter test tomorrow and here I am, blogging. I just don't understand why I'm so lazy to study lately, and all I want to do is either to sleep or to sweep the net. This is not good, I know. Bad signs! Tsk Tsk. But I'm trying to change my sleeping habits now. It's going to be now or never! εїз

I'm Y!M-ing with shoM right now and he never fails to make me laugh! Super. He is the funniest creature on earth! Even his little hirits are the best! I so love that gay whore.

My third blog is so lonely. I don't get to update it anymore as often like before. ='( I don't know. I don't think I should update it anymore. I just found out that someone has been reading it since day 1 of that blog. Hmp. That's why as much as I want to put links in this blog and ask my cyberbuddies to link this blog, I just can't. Not yet now, though. I'm still enjoying the 'loneliness' of this blog. ஐ

I enjoy being lonely lately. Weird. Super! But it's cool. I like the feeling of being alone - that I have no one to talk to seriously. That my mobile is not beeping every now and then. No upcoming events with friends. Thank GOD! I just realized how I wanted this - to be ALONE! Because in the first place, I was ALONE all along. Haha. Labo.

This post is very random. I sound so bitter. :-)

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