At this very moment, all I want to do is to sleep! I haven't slept yet since last night because I studied for my Accounting exam the whole time and then went to school at 9:30 since the test starts at 10. Gawd! The test was the most horrifying exam I had so far! I couldn't believe how hard it was for me to make a trial balance and to complete a 10-column journal. I studied the whole night. But still, I knew there was something wrong with my answers, and I just couldn't point it out. ='(

I took the test for approximately 2 hours. We all didn't have the time to finish the test. I wish we had more time for answering it.

As usual, after the test, I had lunch with my buddies -- Gail, Bam, and Neel.

I typed this last night and shockingly, I fell asleep! Haha. I was soooo exhausted! Forgive me. I wasn't even able to finish doing the whole post. Labo. =)

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