Shoot Me.

I'm using the old laptop right now because I sent Doodle to the laptop center this afternoon. It's monitor is not displaying anything! Ack. What the hell happened to you, Doodle? KSP ka! Haha. =)

Anyhoo, It's just so amazing how I have been able to put up with this old laptop's craziness. Duh. As if I have a choice. Haha.

Anyways, today is the first day of school for this year. Ugh. I missed you, school. Haha. We didn't do much in my classes today. But I felt nice seeing my schoolfriends again! Yey. I love them all! Including Nang Jo. Haha. Joke. =) JOKE!

Accounting is starting to piss me off again. Come on, Accounting! Let's start the new year right. You're so demanding. Go to hell. Then come back when you're already good. Okay? Haha.

Hey! Sinulog in Cebu is fast approaching! I wanna go. Piw's coming with me because.. Uhmmm. Ehem. Secret. LOL. Grabeh ka Piw. Is that love? Or lust? Haha. Joke. =) I hope our plan will be a successful one, Piw. Let's pray. =)

By the way, Dar just got back here in PI. She texted me and I was suppose to meet her after school this afternoon but laziness struck me again, so I went home instead. I'll meet her if I have time this week. Hopefully tomorrow. =) Welcome back, Biatch. I never thought you'd come back to the PI. Haha. Joke.

Til here, Dudepare. =) I'll update soon. Haha.

At this very moment:
I want to eat Neva's carbonara and chicken millanese.
I want Doodle back!
I want someone who would take me away.
I want an effing iMac!!!

♪♪♪ I'll stop the world and melt with you.. ♪♪♪

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