I just feel like blogging right now. But the problem is: I do not know what to 'type'. So this thing is just random.. and of course, spontaneous. Haha. Nonsense, in short. =)

Breaking News (because it's breaking my heart) : My plan with Piw (Cebu plan) will not be pushed through anymore because I just found out that my Mom's sister will be arriving from Australia, together with my cousin, next week. And they will be going back to AU on the 20th and that is the day of the Sinulog celebration. I'm sad but happy. Labo.

Another thing, this evening, I cut my hair myself. Haha. I'm so talented. Okay, dream on, Kaams. LOL. I've been cutting my hair myself since I was in high school. At least, I have no one to blame if ever it turns out to be a disaster! But this time, I like how I did the cut. Same style, but shorter though. =)


Thanks to the following people:

For giving me a black sling bag and a bar of chocolate from Macau. Whoooo! Thanks Dude. Super! Apir.

Manong Tan
For giving me a ride to school and to the laundry shop. Thanks! =)

Thanks for the time last night, Beyb. It was fun. I was so thrilled to read your replies. I was laughing to the max, that I shockingly found myself in tears! Tears of joy. =) Again, thanks. You know how much you mean to me. Thanks for the friendship, Beyb. Haha.

♪♪♪ We're hand in hand.. Chest to chest...
And now we're face to face.. I wanna take you away.. ♪♪♪

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