Empty Hours.

F*ck. Valentine's day is fast approaching. Ugh! It's a good thing next week is our college week. So meaning, I'll be busy on the 14th - The V (Vullshit) Day. Haha. Tss. Anyhoo, I'm a bit (just a bit) excited about our college week, because it only means one thing - NO CLASSES! Haha. But seriously, I hope it would turn out to be a BLAST. Aseh. Of course it would be! I'll be with my friends and we will ROCK the racking chair. LOL! Far out.

Hmp. What's up with me lately? Nothing much actually. It's just that I had a lot of 'school works' that were all due this week! Ack. A lot of things to do, so little time. Haha. But thank God, I accomplished everything. Yey! I'm improving, I know. Wait, am I?! =)

Well well well. Look at this piece of shit art I made for my effing Multimedia project.

Theme: Music and Art
Tools of the Trade: My imagination and Photoshop CS2
Models: Myself and some of my friends. Haha. Oh, and Nikka's piano too.

You may click the picture for a larger view.
I hope I can post more pictures next time. I'll try though. Hehe.

Time check: 3:48 AM. Haha. I'm an effing insomniac mehn! But Xander prefers to call me nocturnal. Whatever. I CAN'T SLEEP! I need to see a doctor. Seriously. Taking sleeping pills is not even working for me. And I'm too afraid to take more than the regular dose because I might be addicted to it, or worse, I might not wake up anymore. Tss. And another thing, I don't want to depend on sleeping pills. Grrrr. I will go through this. HELP!!!

♥♥♥ I can't believe I'm not worth fighting for.. ♥♥♥

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