Take It Slow.

I need to get up early tomorrow to attend our college service and effing breakfast at 7AM. Fnck. I have to because I do not want to pay the effing FINES! Ack. I can't understand why some colleges fine the students just because they can't attend a 'school event' or something alike. Who would want to attend a very lame event in the first place?! What would you feel if a lot if students attend a certain event just because ATTENDANCE WILL BE CHECKED and a fine of 100 bucks if students will miss it. Think about the events that you require attendance, people. My advice: MAKE YOUR ACTIVITIES MORE EXCITING AND MEANINGFUL. Haha. Peace people. I just need to let this out. =)

Anyhoo, as I said, I need to go to school at 7 tomorrow. Then after the service, attend my Math class - which I suck! Then maybe attend my Accounting class. I still don't know with my other classmates yet. Because in our Accounting class, we all belong to the same college/department. So if they all choose to attend the effing activities of our college, then there will be no students in our Accounting class. And I do not want to be the 'class KJ', so lantawon ra ni ugma. =)

Tomorrow will be our Student's Night. As of now, I'm not going because I DO NOT WANT TO GO because I'm not sure if I still have friends to go with. Haha. Because because because. Ack! Some people are acting weird lately and I don't really care why. Go on with your lives guys, and act as if we never became close friends. People leave, I know. But how come everyone's leaving me all at once. This should have a reason. Ahh basta! I'm saying that I'm not going tomorrow night but I know, I just know, I'll be present in that effing Student's Night! :| Labo.

Haaay. I just hope the other coming events will be fun and meaningful. Haha. All I'm excited about the College Week Celebration is that we do not have major classes which means a big "HALLELUJAH" for me! Weeehhh! =)

O sige, I'll just try to update you guys on whatever miracle I will encounter tomorrow. Haha. Seriously, I'll try to update tomorrow, and the rest of the week. This is MY hell week. Fnck.

OMFG. I almost forgot, it's going to be the V-Day na. Haha. Nyek! Shoot me. Kill me. Bite me. Whatever. As if I care. Uhm. Actually, I do. Haha. Labo.

Ciao for now! Wish me more luck and more strength to go on with this messed-up life of mine. Yes, I need luck! Good luck, I mean. Life's been not-so-nice to me these past few days. Haha.

♪♪♪ I saw it coming around..
And so I just shook my head and walked away.. ♪♪♪

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