Just got home.

Today was hella crazy! Seriously. Me and my friends ended up watching this [very] lame dance competition at the Macias Sports Complex. Tss. How stupid can I be in choosing to watch a lame dance competition than to watch the play "Love Letters" at the Luce Auditorium?! I hate me.

After I had my lunch this noon, I went to school to meet up with my friends. Then went to Bam's place to eat. Haha. No really, my friends made their assignment there and I went with them to eat. Haha. I'm not part of their class, okay. So in short, pakaps lang ko. =)

After Bam's place, went back to school to meet up with Wynne. Then we ate dinner together at Foodnet. Free plugging! Haha. I was craving for lechon, but I ended up eating another dish. Tss.

Then we all went to the Sports Complex after dining. It was stated in our 20-peso-ticket that the show starts at 8PM. It was already 7+ and the door is still close. We saw some people starting to make a line, so we lined up too. After standing in line for about 2 hours [Believe it!], finally, they started letting people in. And so we got in. Sneaked in to the red seats [Thanks to Neel's friend!], hoping that we could get a better view. Haha. After all the "honorable's speeches", the show started. 12 contingents, with a maximum of 5 minutes per contingent. Most of them were lame. [Haha! Sorry.] Laid my bet on 3 teams: [1]Tight Beat, [2]The Beginners, and [3]The Star Dancers. [I'm not sure with the spelling!] They all got in the top 3. Yeah.

Then Gail, Yana, Emmie, En-En, Wynne, and Neel sent me home. Haha. Thanks guys! I know you love me. Ack. Haha. =)

This pic is kinda creepy, but I'm posting it anyway. I love how big my eye looked. LOL.
Remembering on how addicted I am to Gossip Girl. I ♥ you, Archibald. Haha. Okay. Drop it!

Tomorrow's Sunday. I still do not have plans, but I think we'll meet at Jeca's place. Haha. Labo. Oh, we also do not have a class on Monday. Yesss! I love it! I won't get to see you, whore. Haha. You'll miss me, for sure. Nyak. Okay, stop na.

♥♥♥ She gets the top bunk, I'm sleeping on the floor..
She's Miss America, and I'm just the girl next door.. ♥♥♥

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