1. Call me - Kaakaams
2. What color of pants are you wearing right now? - Gray.
3. What Are You Listening To Right Now? - "Meri Lewa". I'm lovin' it!
4. What Was The Last Thing You Ate? - Devil Spam. Yum!
5. Do You Believe In Karma? - Yes. What goes up comes around, 'di ba?
6. If You Were A Crayon, what color would you be?- Poople. Nyak!
7. How Is The Weather Right Now?- Cloudy.
8. Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? -My TERRIYAKI BOY. LD from UK. Come home na!
9. Do You Like The Person Who Sent You This? - No one sent me this. Got this from a friend's blog. Sssshhhh.
10. How Are You Today? - Payn.
11. Favorite Drink? - Haha. Iced tea would be fine.
12. Favorite Alcoholic Drink? - Flambe.
13. Favorite Sports - Basketball.
14. Hair Color? - Wild pink. Haha. Seriously, black!
15. Eye Color? - Black.
16. Favorite Band? - I do not have a fave.
17. Favorite Actor & Actress? - Me. Haha.
18. Favorite Months?- Summer months! April and May. December too.
19. Favorite Food?- Japanese. Gutom ko!
20. Last Movie You Watched? - Horror movie. Forgot the title eh.
21. Favorite Day of the Year? - December 32. Haha. I do not have a favorite day. Tss.
23. What Was Your Favorite Toy As A Child? - I couldn't remember! Poor memory.
24. Summer or Winter?- Winter sa freezer. Haha.
25. Hugs Or Kisses? - Both.
26. Chocolate Or Vanilla? - Vanilla.
27. What Is Under Your Bed? - Boogyman. Haha. Scare me!
28. Friend You Have Had The Longest? - Longest what? Tss.
29. What Did You Do Yesterday? - Went to Bam's place, then watched a dance competition with my friends.
30. Favorite Smells? - Infinite pleasures. But I couldn't find any anymore!
31. Who Inspires You? - Who need inspiration?
32. What Are You Afraid Of? - Being alone.
33. Plain, Buttered Or Salted Popcorn? - Extra butter.
34. Favorite Flower? - Blue rose. Because I haven't seen one yet. Haha!
35. Number Of Keys On Your Key Ring? - I do not have one.
36. Favorite Days Of The Week? - Saturday.


1. 1st time you tried smoking:-- Smoken' Deickens. LOL.
2. 1st alcoholic drink you had:-- Rhum? Or beer, I think. Ewan.
3. 1st time you entered a bar:-- Grade school, I think. It was my cousin's birthday party.
4. 1st award you received:-- Kinder days. Most Outstanding Chuvaness.
5. 1st hero:-- Aladdin. Haha. Fnck.
6. 1st time you were sent to the principal fordisciplinary actions:-- Tss. High School days.
7. 1st goal you accomplished:-- Ewan.
8. 1st crush?-- The Backstreet Boys!
9. 1st person whom you gave flowers:-- Mom.
10.1st friend:-- Define friend. =)
11.1st kiss:-- Parents. Well unless the doctor kissed me right after I was born!
12. 1st record you bought:--Backstreet Boys.
13. 1st song you sang infront of many people:-- Never tried singing in front of a large crowd. Swear!
14. first musical instrument you learned to play:-- Piano.
15. 1st local&foreign concert you watched:-- I do not remember anymore. Honestly.
16. 1st celebrity you saw in person:-- Haha. Richard Gomez. T'was a very funny experience! Tss.
17. 1st TV show you really liked:-- Basta cartoons.
18.1st buk u bought:-- Sweet Valley High.
19. 1st sport you played:-- Chess. Elementary days.
20. 1st sleepover:-- Cousin's house.
21. 1st terrible fight:-- Haha. With a classmate in elementary. As in cat fight!
22. 1st inaanak (first godchild?):-- Gia. Then Gio. Kewl!
23. 1st debut party you attended:-- Ate Kim's, I think.
24. 1st bestfriend/s-- Define bestfriend.
25. 1st wedding you attended:-- Tss. Forgot na.
26. 1st person who greeted you on your last bday:-- Terriyaki Boy.
27. 1st friend in friendster:-- Jezar! She made my account eh.
28. 1st cellphone:-- 6150.
29. 1st cellphone ringtone:-- Fnck. I don't remember anymore. It was like 9 years ago noh!
30. 1st collection:-- Anything purple.
31. 1st tym u saw a ghost?-- Never!
32. 1st rollercoaster ride?-- As in the real roller coaster? Ocean Park [HK] last 2006.
33. 1st ambition:-- Physical Therapist. I do not know why!
34.1st thing u will buy w/ ur 1st salary?-- I bought a domain.
35.why are u answering this?-- Because I'm effing bored.
36.anything u want to tell yourself?-- Go get some sleep!

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