Politics. Politika. Tss.

This may look like a very very long post, but actually, it's not so READ. Pretty please with a cherry on top. *Blink*Blink*
[with matching 'beautiful eyes']

One summer, back when I didn't know that booger isn't a food, my Lolo sang to me a jingle over and over again until I memorized the fancy jingle he composed. Then he got his tape recorder and recorded my hideous voice singing the jingle he taught me. "♪♪♪Danding Cojuanco, ang Lolo namin. Danding Danding, maaasahan♪♪♪" Blah. Blah. Blah. Everyone gave their loudest clap, and in such a very young age, I thought I was a superstar. =)

Then a few summers later, he asked me and my cousins to come up with a dance number. The famous tune was 'Macarena' that time. Then, he presented us to a large crowd [and I mean LARGE] and there, we danced as if we popularized the dance craze. And everyone in the audience applauded as if we were celebrities in our sleepy town.

It was summer of 1998 [when I already knew that boogers should be rolled in circles with my fore finger and thumb then slowly wipe it under the chair] that I realized that our family is not ordinary. I found tons of banners, flyers, pamphlets, pins, and shirts with my Lola's and Auntie's face on them. What the hell is happening here, I thought.

Then my Mom explained to me that my Lola was running for a local political position and so is my Aunt too. Okay. At Grade 3, I had no idea what the hell my Mom was talking about. All I cared about that time was that everyday, we always had lechon for lunch and dinner because we had a lot [and I mean A LOT] of unexpected visitors.

Summer of 2001, I was about to enter high school then, same thing is happening in our house. People are busy printing shirts, cutting out flyers, etc. And that time, it was already my Lola's, my Tita's, and my Tito's faces on the shirts. Okay, I said to myself, I guess it's election again.

Summer of 2004, I was on my way to my senior year in high school, same thing mehn. Same thing. It's elections again and... WAIT! Ahah! The dance number I and my cousins presented was during a 'Meeting de Avance'. Tss. How come I didn't know that before. Tss.

Then, the year 2007, [when I already knew that boogers are dried nasal mucus] that I realized that our family is extraordinary. [Well, not superheroes though. Haha.]

I must say, I grew up in a family of politicians. From my great-great-grandfather, to the fourth generation of our family [or maybe the fifth, eh?], our family has this thing for politics. From the senate, down to the congress, down to the provincial positions, down to the municipal positions, our family has established a good image in the Philippine politics. According to my Tita's speech during her May 2007 campaign, [allow me to quote]:

"My family has been serving the people for over a hundred years now and I will not allow myself to stain our family name because my fore fathers gave their best for greedy people not to destroy our good image in the politics' scene."

And truly, our family always had the eagerness to serve the people and be trusted by the people.

But May 2007 elections was the most tragic elections our family has encountered. My Lola, Tita, and Tito lost. I hated the townspeople for not being greatful for everything our family has done for them. But stories of cheating were roaming around the town and then I realized how dirty politics is.

But my Mom, who then thought that politics is just a headache, ran for a local barangay position last October 2007. Yes, it was a big shock for everyone since my Mom never indulged herself in any political matters, because if there's one member of the family who do not have this so-called "politiko ug batasan", then that would be my Mom. Although she was aware about it, my Mom still ran because she wanted to prove that somehow, the people still trusts us - our family. And yes, she won with approximately 500 votes more than her opponent's, with out cheating. =)

And today [that I am very much aware of how dirty politics can be], I stand by the words of Jun Lozada. I strongly believe in him and in his stories. I think he is credible enough for the public to believe in every single detail of his stories. And with everything that's going on today, I realized that I wasted my votes on some senators who could not even ask appropriate questions during the Senate's hearing about Jun Lozada's kidnapping case.

And another thing, you're going down MALACA√ĎANG!! Down down down.

Don't you guys think Jun Lozada is cute when he cries? Nyahaha! I'm willing to dance the Macarena just to air my grievances or even record a fancy jingle! I believe in you, Jun Lozada.

You, Jun Lozada, you! You you yoooooouuuuuuuu! Okay stop.


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