Kweschun. Uno.

kweschun: heluuurrr/??!!! how r u related to klaire??? u hav similarities kasi ehhh.....
Klaire who?

kweschun: Hello ka there!
Hello too!

kweschun: chadaha gud ani kaams!! kaila ka nako waa?? waa man ka nag saba nga naa ka ingon ani.. saba ta ka..
Kinsa ka oi? Paila pud. Hehe.

You mean 'LAYOUT'? Yes, I did. =)

kweschun: how did you do the curl thing for your photo in your headr
I did it using photoshop. =)

kweschun: kilala mo ba c beauty of pbb?u go to the same school kac di bah?is it tru that shes malandi?
I saw her around the campus couple of times before. But we're not friends, so I have no idea if she's 'malandi' or not.

kweschun: where ka school and what cours mo? -bia
Hi Bia. I'm studying at Silliman University. I'm not sure if you're familiar about SU, but if you're from the Visayas or Mindanao, I'm sure you've heard about SU na.

kweschun: feeler ka!
Thank you. =) You too.

kweschun: hie...! saw u on tv earlier this evening.... fellow sillimanian me....
Ui! Hello. Hehe.

kweschun: Ur pretty infairnez,, but i tink ur pretier if u lose some weight,, go fight win!!,,
Hoi Earl? Is this you? Lol. Thank you. You're too nice. =)

kweschun: si kyle mana!!!!!! sisters mooo???!!!
No. We're cousins. =)

kweschun: re: "To The Assh*le Who Can Not Understand English" post..... does CVL stand for Chester V. Lim?? Hehehehehehhehehehe!! Im watching you...!
Fnck. You're freaking me out. Yes, you're right. But we're cool now, though I know it's never going to be the same as before.

kweschun: do you know christine marie "beauty" gonzalez?..
The girl from PBB. =)

kweschun: kaaaaaaaaaammmmmmsssssss!!!!! update na u!!!!!!
Haha. I am updating. =)

Wala na eh. Haha. He's gone. Joke.

kweschun: do u know dindi fernandez? she's from siliman too.
No. Silliman has approximately 8000 students in college. =) FYI lang.

kweschun: and you think ur prety na?!
Yes! Tss. Haha. Screw you.

kweschun: do you read saab m.'s blog.?,
Yes. I visit her blog once in a while. =)

kweschun: Dudepare..i knnow where you got that...
O sige, where? =)

kweschun: im not xure but i think i saw you at the hospital last week..
Hospital in Dumaguete? That was probably me.

kweschun: hi kaams... why is your name spelled with double A's..?
So you guys will prolong it. Kaakaams. Gets?

kweschun: elOw there!artista ka ba sa dumagete?bat ka nasa tv?
Hindi ako artista. My friend Mark, got me to be his guest in his local talk show.

kweschun: ei.. am from dvao... my dad is asking me to take the test in siliman for colege... is it hard?? he wants me to study in siliman kasi because he is also a silimanian b4... how can i apply or sumthin?? hope you cn help... theinkzxx!!!
Go visit =)

kweschun: why siliman univ????and why IT????i heard siliman univ is great in nursing....
What's with all the 'school' questions, guys? Hehe. Because SU is the center for IT education, according to CHED. Astig. :) Yes, SU produces almost all the best nurses in the country and around the world. SU is not only the best in Nursing but in Accountancy, Information Technology, and a lot of other courses as well. Promoting my school in my blog. WTH?! =)

kweschun: wut hapend 2 ur frnd's, mark zander, blog?shocking..
He shut his blog down. It was sudden, and I am shocked too. By the way, it's Mark Xander. =)

kweschun: dO yOu HaVe ReLaTiVeS nA aRtIsTa?
Haha. I like how you typed your kweschun! Yes, but distant relatives na.

Thank you to everyone who sent me those questions. Keep 'em coming!

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