Take A Look Around.

Wooohooo! I'm YM-ing with Ari right now. Pop doesn't know about this and I have no plans of telling him. As a matter of fact, I'm not telling anyone. I'm not sure if this is the right thing but I do wanna communicate with him. After all, he's my one and only... Tss! Never mind. It makes me feel uncomfortable talking about it. Specially about him. Ewan. But I'm glad that he's trying to reach out to me this time. I just hope he's sincere about everything. Haha. We're not yet 'close' so chillax lang. It's better that I shouldn't expect things first, right? Let's see if how far everything between us can go. =)

Eheniwee, I'm a bit puzzled with what's happening around me lately. Just when I thought everything's fine and under control, it's when everything crashed down and left me hanging with a lot of questions. As much as I want to seek for answers, I understand that it is better to keep the questions to myself. I know I will hurt some people if I decide to ask the questions I have, so I better shut up. Or else... We know what's going to happen next. Haha.

So so so. I have decided to answer all your questions for me! Yehey! Haha. So watch out people! I'll post them here after I answer them. Thanks to all who sent me all their questions! Keep them coming, okay?! Super kaduper thank you!

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