Counting Sheep.

I'm a bit worried about my sleeping time. You see, I wake up at 2 in the afternoon and sleep at 7 in the morning. This isn't good at all. Well unless I work under night-shift at a call center or somewhere else, right? The problem is, even if I try to sleep early, my brain and my eyes aren't cooperating. I have been like this for quite a while now and seriously, I am not happy being a nocturnal! It isn't helping me at all. I become useless during daytime and I don't do anything during nighttime, except to surf the world wide web. In short: it's not helping me to have a healthy lifestyle. Haha! [As if.]

And what's freaking me out is that I barely have two more weeks until school starts and I don't go to a school where night classes are offered. I'm bothered because I might have classes scheduled early in the mornig, and I mean as early as 7AM! Hello?! I sleep at 7 in the morning, I repeat. Wah! I don't want to come to a point where I can hardly adjust my sleeping time anymore! Gah. So whether I like it or not, I have to sleep early so I can wake up early. I guess Brainy has to cooperate this time whether she likes it or not. Then Eyes will follow, right? You do not have a choice, systems! Let me sleeeeeeeeeeeep! I need a good one.

FYI: Time check, 5:38 AM, and I'm not sleepy yet. Not even a bit!

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