Hoi, Pinay Ako!

I was was doing my blogrounds and I found myself at Gerald's, my bloggerbro, site. His latest post got my attention. It was something unusual. I mean, I knew there was something special on that post the moment I saw the picture.

So I started reading, and saw a link of someone named Angelo Aquino. CLICK.

And the moment Aquino's site finished loading, I dropped my mouth. Literally. It was very heartwarming. Seeing his efforts in editing those pictures just to build up a community of proud Filipinos moved me. Let's face it, most of the youngsters nowadays would rather choose to edit their friendster profile than to do what Aquino has done.

It's too much of a hassle, other people might think. But if we look at Aquino's project on the deeper side, it isn't just about a mere join-my-club-and-I'll-edit-your-photo thing, it's more than that. Aquino wants to prove something, for sure. And I am just so glad that someone like him has started a project something like that.

I submitted my picture early this evening, and let's just see if Aquino thinks I am worth to be called a "Proud Filipina". I am super excited to join Aquino on his project. I'll post the picture, if ever.

If you wanna know more about what I'm talking here, visit Aquino's site. =)
* In photo, Angelo Aquino. Photo borrowed from Aquino's site. *

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