On Tonight's PBB.

I've been ranting over Robi Domingo's nomination.

The teens who were lucky enough to get inside the PBB house had their own motivations and purposes when they first auditioned for PBB. Mostly for money, others for experience, and some, for exposure which may lead them to a career in showbizness. They all entered the house because they wanted to prove something not only to the Filipinos, but to their selves as well. And I am pretty sure that Robi Domingo didn't enter the house because he is craving for the million. He wants to prove something, for sure.

How shallow is that when every time he gets nominated, the reason is: "He doesn't need the money because he's rich." Tss. Who said that he needs the prizes so badly, in the first place? I pity Robi Domingo because he has been a very nice housemate since the PBB Teen Edition Plus started. Don't you guys think it's utterly unfair to him because he gets nominated simply because his family is well off and his parents can afford to send him to Ateneo? Come on.

Pinoy Big Brother has a tagline of "ang teleserye ng totoong buhay". If I were to add or change it, I'd rather suggest "ang teleserye ng totoong buhay ng mga totoong tao". The housemates could have been more honest to their selves if they said that the reason why they nominated Robi Domingo is because he is a threat. Then maybe I would understand them better.

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