Forgive The Busy People.

I didn't realize I was so busy until I checked my blog early this evening and found out that my last post was dated last May 28 - six days ago. Tsk. I had to do some stuff this past few days and I totally had no time to use the computer. But I'm back! Haha. So so so, I think it's time to update now. I can see some cobwebs here already. LOL.

Okay. Where will I start? Hmp. Oh, by the way, before I forget, here are the pictures I promised you guys before. I hope it's not too late to post them here. These are the Dolphin-watching/Sandbar/Hayahay/Payag pictures we had when Rhine, Drei, Roobee, and Jali were here in Doomsville.

About the reunion last May 28, not everyone came. Actually, not even half of the class came. Haha. Some were 'busy' doing this and that. Some weren't informed. Some just didn't go simply because they didn't want to. LOL. But nonetheless, the reunion was finally pushed through and it was fun. Amazingly, I had a great time. We didn't go to the beach anymore because we decided to chill at Justin's place instead. After lunch, some batchmates followed - Justin's inner circle. Then more batchmates followed later in the afternoon. Had few grands and tons of chikkas. LOL. The 'catching-up' was fun, though some 'news' were shocking. Hehe. But it was great, in general. But I know we could have done better than that. Ah basta, what's more important is that we had the chance to bond again, right?

I was dead on May 29. Haha. I slept the whole day because I wasn't feeling well. Hang-over. =(

I went to my Dermatologist last May 30 to have my skin checked-up. Due to too much sun exposure [Hello, it's summer. Like duh.], some white spots started to scatter around my face. I do not apply anything on my face when I'm out in the sun like sunblock, etc. So when we went to Bais to go Dolphin-watching, I was very [And I mean, VERY!] exposed to the sun. And before I knew it, white spots were all over my face already. Great. Now I look like a dalmatian. LOL. But I'm under some medications right now, and soon, these white spots are going off my skin! Shooo!

May 31-June 1, I was making Wing's AVP for her Lolo and Lola's 60th wedding anniversary. Imagine, 60 long years! It made me feel good when I saw their pictures together. Indeed, they were an inspiration to their family. The AVP was kinda serious but funny. Haha. Basta, with humor. Hope you get what I mean. LOL.

I went to school yesterday, June 2, to have myself enrolled. It wasn't as 'busy' as I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, I finished everything in 3 hours. Haha. Now I'm improving every enrollment period. Hmmm. Next semester, I'll make it in 2 hours. I'll try. Haha. Eheniwei, I love my schedule this sem. Well, it's actually the same with last sem's schedule, MWF starts at 9:00AM, and no class during morning on TTh. But this time, my TTh ends at 7PM! Grrrh. But I'm cool with it, because it's better than a 7AM class. Thank you, Ma'am Rivera, for arranging my schedule. LOL.

Then last night, went out with Kyle, Drei, and some of Drei's Bacolod friends. Drank T at Minimik, they ate balot at the boulevard, then we all went to Habhaban to give our hungry stomach a treat of 'silogs'. Yum! Then off to sleep. LOL.

Early this afternoon, I accompanied Kyle to the Dentist. Then called it a day! Haha. Seriously, I didn't do anything much today that's why I'm blogging! Woohoo!

Now, let me do my rounds.

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