Just Imagine.

I can not take this anymore. I held back, only because I never wanted to cross the line. But this is enough. If I lose everything after speaking and standing up for myself, then so be it. It may be painful expressing this, but it has been very painful ever since. I just have to do this for myself, of course, because I am not happy with what's happening anymore. I have kept my silence, only because I thought it will still be fixed. But situations like this has to come to an end, right?

I have always been fair, God knows that. All I wanted is to have people in my life who will treat me right, and fair as well. It saddens me because all I want is a simple life, and it's so hard for me to have one.

Once and for all, I am going to take this issue against you.

And oh, by the way, thank you for bursting my bubble.

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