The Show Is Over.

I feel bad right now. Not that I'm affected, but yeah, I am. Fridays at Minimik isn't doing me any good. I start to have myself connected with all the local bands, and I'm just scared I might be addicted and have this as a habit. After tonight's rocking show, after all the lights went off, after two grands with George, after two hundred sticks of isaw, I still feel that my night is not complete simply because I feel in my heart that Loungefly owes me a "Firefly".

Okay, so maybe I'm over-acting, but yeah, maybe I am. Having to sacrifice my all-time favorite, which is sleeping by the way, just to go to an overrated place [according to Daryl] and find out that the reason why I went there is not playing anymore because of the 'time-limit', is just the lamest thing ever. I wouldn't blame Jan at all, because I know it isn't his fault that the clock seemed to run so fast tonight. It was fate who played the game tonight. I wanted a "Firefly", but destiny didn't want me to hear that song just yet. The other Friday that I went to Minimik, Loungefly wasn't able to play my "Firefly" either. See? It's way too obvious that it really isn't time for me to hear "Firefly" live.

Okay, now you're thinking I'm over-acting. If only I could elaborate here why I need to hear "Firefly" live, then maybe you guys would understand why I am reacting this way. But I can't, because it's too personal, I couldn't even blog about it. Soon, maybe, but definitely not now. Let's just say that I replaced the rain with "Firefly". I hope you get what I mean.

But still, I heart Lougefly's songs, inspite of VP's attitude. Way to go guys! Just cut out the negative energy. Okay, far-out.

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